18 Minutes

Choose a start time and set the alarm. Now go to settings and select “repeat” and Monday through Sunday. Return to the menu, settings, “snooze length,” and choose 18 minutes. It will successfully provide you with what you require (you will be notified every 18 min., then hit snooze)

Can I Set An iPhone Alarm For Every 18 Minutes?Can I Set An iPhone Alarm For Every 18 Minutes?

Apple’s built-in applications may remain programmed to notify you at certain intervals, and you can have the alarms repeat daily once you set them. To add a new alarm, for example, in the Clock app, hit the Alarm button at the bottom and then the addition (+) button in the top-right corner of the screen.

How Can I Set My Alarm To Go Off Every 18 Minutes?

On Android, you may change the snooze length to have an alarm sound every 18 minutes. To do so, open the Clock app and create a standard alarm by hitting the giant + button at the bottom and entering the appropriate settings.

How To Create A Recurring Timer

Using the “Plays” feature, you may set a timer to repeat. It’ll automatically loop as many times as you want! To see the Settings icon on the bottom viewable play bar, you must first launch one of your Saved Timers.

  • Under Timer Duration, there is a line named “Plays 1 time” on the “Settings” page.
  • To add the required number of plays, use the Plus button. Timers can play up to 99 times in a row.

When you save and activate a Timer, a new “Play Bar” feature appears beneath the Timer disc. The Play Bar remains divided into sections based on the number of plays a Timer has. Each segment is synced with the Timer (disc) and progressively fades away as time passes. For example, if you set the Timer for three plays and save, the Play Bar will be divided into three segments.

How Do You Set Up Several Timers On Your iPhone?

To begin, swipe right on the first home screen page and hit the shortcut’s name. Suppose you’re in an app like Instagram or Facebook. In that case, you can access the Notifications Center by swiping down, clicking on it, and tapping “Set Multiple Timers” from the Shortcuts widget.


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