Covid is a killer not only of so many innocent lives. But its victims include several businesses too, from long-standing companies to small corner shops that have shut their doors in the wake of the pandemic disaster, but somehow, despite the tragedy. Some entrepreneurs have succeeded against the odds. The pandemic has offered many problems and individuals who can resolve them take found unlikely success in a year that’s altogether but gone to hell in a handbasket.

We’ve had a look at all the startups that shone bright this year and picked some of our favourites to highlight. They’ve done interesting and unique work, and this year, when all the odds remained stacked against them have done well and reminded us that it’s possible to win.

List Of 5 Of The Most Successful StartupsList Of 5 Of The Most Successful Startups

1. Air Garage

nothing beats the problem-solving nature of necessity in our ever-more populated cities. There’s a never-ending parking problem. Air garage is to the rescue with their simple and efficient solution; instead of trying to fit more parking spaces into already crammed cities. They’re on a mission to offer already available rooms more efficiently by creating a platform that allows anyone with access to parking spaces to rent them out on demand.

A simple connect the dots business model offers to earn the opportunity for businesses and churches to monetize their unused parking and parking spaces for drivers. They’re able to bridge the gap between needy inner city drivers and the lack of parking. Their idea has already raised two million dollars, and we are sure they’ll soon be parking more profit.

2. Air Table

Air table has changed the spreadsheet game as we know it. They’ve merged databases and applied them to spreadsheets. Now you can create an air table that you can modify like a spreadsheet, but far simpler select input cells or add checkboxes and drop-down lists and add attachments like images and can preview them in a cell.

It makes teamwork a breeze and allows you to limit the information needed between teams and projects to streamline production and increase security. In september 2020, they’d raised 185 million dollars in their series d funding round.

3. Capella Space

many people probably thought this idea was a pie in the sky. Still, Capella space has come into its own as the only commercially available satellite stands for synthetic aperture radar, allowing photographs of the earth’s surface even through clouds. It can even detect sub-meter changes to the earth’s surface.

Basically, for anyone with a research business that needs images of the earth’s surface, this is the only option to rent a satellite hourly to take the snaps you need. It’s brilliant. Its timing is impeccable. It is changing the way we see ourselves.

4. Doordash

we order in, and who better bring the food to our door dash? Currently, door dash is in the business of on-demand delivery services to 30 000 restaurants and 4 000 towns in the u.s. They rapidly responded to a business in a pandemic and offered contactless delivery sealed tamper-proof packaging and a strict mass compliance door dash.

Now offers contactless delivery, and all takeout bags will remain filled with stickers. And tamper-proof packaging for enhanced safety and peace of mind. All dasher merchants and customers will also be required to wear face coverings when handling food or deliveries. To date, the company remains valued at 32 billion dollars.

5. Dave

according to their website, dave is the finance version of the old David versus Goliath tale. Three friends, tired of endless bank charges. Also, Decided to team up and take on the big banks by offering their customers unbelievable banking.

Just because they’re new doesn’t mean that they don’t swim with the big fish. Also, They operate with a partnership with MasterCard for all of their debit cards. At last valuation, they were valued at 1.2 billion dollars. And had an active customer base of 7 million users and growing.


A startup firm is a recently founded business that has gained traction due to apparent demand for its product or service. Also, A startup’s goal is to develop quickly by providing something that fills a specific market gap. 5 Most Successful Startups

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