Crafts and Artistic: Tourist handicrafts with souvenirs from all over the world can be found anywhere you go. Often, these are industrial parts that have little to do with handcrafting.

This is defined as an artist’s activity in which he creates valuable pieces, either through traditional techniques or due to his originality and expertise.


Antique dealers buy and sell vintage and collectible items for a profit. Some antique dealers are specialized in certain goods. They sell their wares in antique shops, antique fairs, and markets.

Shoe Repairman

Shoe repairers repair all types of footwear. They work in a specialty store or a big box store. In addition, they often repair other leather goods, engrave metal, copy keys, and repair watches.


Metal engravers engrave designs and letters on all types of metals. There are different skill levels. Most of the work is done with computers and engraving machines. However, some engravers continue to work by hand.

Painter and Decorator – Crafts and Artistic

Painters and decorators apply paint, wallcoverings, and other materials to the interior and exterior of buildings. Therefore, they spend a lot of points preparing the surfaces before decorating them.


Upholsterers work in furniture factories, upholstering new furniture, and often focus on a single task, such as upholstering chair arms. Upholsterers work with both new furniture and reupholstering old furniture.

Shoe Designer

Shoe designers create new shoe designs or modify existing ones. They have to keep up with fashion trends and the needs of buyers. Therefore, knowledge of the anatomy of the foot is essential.

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designers create designs for jewelry, silverware, and other decorative and functional metal products. The methods can be used for mass production or handmade items.

Costume Designer

Costume designers design costumes and props for stage, film, and television. Their designs must be adapted to certain characters and settings. Costumes can rent or purchased at thrift stores.

Restorer of a Museum/Gallery

The restorers of a museum/gallery are responsible for ensuring that works of art and objects of historical interest are kept in the best possible condition through cleaning, repair, and maintenance. They usually preserve a specific thing or material, such as fabrics, mu…


Cabinetmakers produce all kinds of furniture. Most employ in factories, producing furniture on a large scale. Traditional cabinetmakers work in workshops. They make unique pieces and carry out repair and restoration work.

Ceramic Pottery – Crafts and Artistic

Ceramic potters manufacture different ceramic objects following traditional techniques and mechanized processes. Most ceramic potters specialize in a particular type of work, for example, turning or casting.


Most glaziers work in automated factories that mass-produce glass products such as windows, containers, and insulating materials. Glass artisans usually work in smaller workshops and produce handcrafted objects as gift items.


Leatherworkers make a wide variety of leather goods. Items  mass-produce in factories or through traditional methods in craft workshops. Some artisans specialize as saddlers, making and repairing leather goods for horse riding.


Framers assemble and make frames for photos and other objects to display. First, they prepare frames using various kinds of tools and materials. Then, they cut mounts and mount images according to customer needs.

Skipper Climber

Climbing pattern makers work in the textile industry. They constitute an essential connection between clothing items’ design and manufacturing phases. Although notching and pattern scaling are two different jobs, they can done by the same person.


Illustrators create drawings, images, paintings, or diagrams for various products, using

However, multiple artistic and graphic techniques. Illustrators often specialize in a particular area, such as medical, technical, scientific manuals, or graphic illustration.


Moreover, Artists make works of art. And also, They do their work independently and without caring if they are functional or practical. They can specialize in a specific field such as painting or sculpture. Finally, Artists make a living selling their work to the general public.

Shoemaker – Crafts and Artistic

Shoemakers make, modify and repair footwear and similar items such as bags and belts or participate in some of the manufacturing processes of these products.

Musical instrument maintenance and repair technician

However, Musical instrument maintenance and repair technicians dedicate to designing and manufacturing musical instruments. Most technicians also perform instrument repair, maintenance, and restoration work. Therefore, it is common for technicians to expect.

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