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Bitcoin – What can you Purchase



Bitcoin was created as a secure way to pay for goods and services without the involvement of third parties like banks. Purchasing bitcoins is rather straightforward, and physical and internet establishments increasingly accept the currency.

The first recognized transaction that established the first value for Bitcoin was the purchase of two pizzas at Papa John’s. Ten thousand bitcoins were paid for those two pizzas, which is fiat money, priced at about $30. The bet of the American pizza chain and Laszlo Haynek’s interest in paying with bitcoins started a wave that has been joined by a large number of physical and digital establishments. We will see what these are.

Travel, leisure, and free time

Are you planning to go on vacation soon? Do you want to make a civilizing visit to a city? Would you approximate to buy your theatre tickets with bitcoins? You can do all this and much more, thanks to companies that have opted for bitcoin as a payment method.

Video game

Video game fans can buy titles for their favourite platforms on different websites by paying with bitcoins. Some time ago, Valve stopped accepting bitcoins as a payment method on its Steam platform, the most important in video games. This is due to price fluctuations and the increase in commissions, although they said that they could incorporate it again in the future.

digital stores

The giant online stores do not want to be left out of the digital transformation and the great public they access with Bitcoin. Among the most famous are:

Gift cards

IT and electronics

One of the markets that offer the most adoption of Bitcoin is the world of computing and new technologies. Which in many cases supports payments through bitcoins. We have put some of the most relevant, but many more in many other countries accept cryptocurrencies to make payments.

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