Epfindia. govt. in The Employees Provident Funds (EPFO) takes credited interest to EPF accounts for 2019-20. However, the Indian government has credited the EPF with 8.5% interest on various accounts.

Online EPF Balance Checks: Interest has been credited to Employee Provident Fund (EPFO) accounts for the 2019–20 fiscal year. 8.5% interest has been credited to the EPF by the Indian government on a number of accounts.

As a result, knowing one’s EPF account balance becomes essential for all holders of EPF accounts. By registering on the EPFO’s official website, epfindia.gov.in, one can do this online. To check your EPF balance, there are three other methods available.

Check Your EPF Balance at Epfindia.Gov.In Portal

To assessment your Provident Fund (PF) Passbook on the EPFO portal – epfindia.gov.in – your EPF account must be tagged with its Universal Account Number (UAN). You can download or print your EPF booklet from the website by following these steps:

  1. Registration at the EPFO portal — epfindia.gov.in;
  2. Under “Our Services”, click on “For Employees”;
  3. Under Services, click Member Passbook;
  4. It will redirect you to passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp and show your EPF account balance.

EPF Balance Epfindia. Govt. In Check Through Umang App

EPF account holders can opinion their PF balance on mobile phones using the Umang app of epfindia.gov.in. The Administration of India launched the Umang app to provide access to various government services in one place.

You can consult your EPF brochure, submit an application or track EPF or PF applications. To begin with, the EPF account holder must complete a one-time registration with their phone number.

EPF balance epfindia. govt. In check via SMS

If an EPF account holder’s UAN epfindia. govt. It is registered with EPFO. They can get details of their PF balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899. To do this, send this message: EPFOHO UAN ENG. “ENG” corresponds to the first three characters of the preferred language. So if you want to get the news in Marathi, you must type EPFOHO UAN MAR.

The installation is available in 10 languages – English (default), Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. The SMS must be guided from the registered mobile number of the UAN.

EPF balance epfindia. govt. in check through missed call

If his EPF account is registered on the UAN portal, if he misses a call to 011-22901406, he will get the details of the last post and the PF account balance from his registered mobile number. Make sure your UAN is stamped with its bank account number, Aadhaar card number and PAN. This setup is free.

How To Link Aadhaar To EPF epfindia. govt. in

The Indian government has finished it mandatory for Indian citizens to connect their Aadhaar to many government services. Meanwhile, then, Aadhaar has become one of the primary identities of the residents. Moreover ne of the services that have been made mandatory to log into Aadhaar is the Employees Provident Fund epfindia. govt. In.

One of the main advantages of linking Aadhaar to EPF is the acceleration of the claims process. According to the Employee Provident Fund Organization, as an employee who contributes to the provident fund, you need a UAN number of epfindia. govt. In. This number is mandatory if you wish to make a complaint. According to the new rule, you must link your UAN number to your Aadhaar.

What Is A UAN Number

However UAN, or Universal Account Number, stays a 12-digit number assigned to members of the employee provident fund and through which one can manage the accounts of the provident fund. The Department of Employment and Labour gives this number to each member. If the member has this UAN, the container gets all the information related to the PF, even if they change jobs.

The Indian government has ended it compulsory for employees to connect the UAN to their Aadhaar. Once the process is complete, employees can quickly transfer and withdraw money from the employee provident fund. The Government of India offers four ways to connect UAN to Aadhaar. They are:

  • UMANG App
  • Through the authorized site of EPF, which is https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Using One Time Password (OTP) verification arranged the e-KYC Portal of EPFO
  • Using biometric credentials, arranged the e-KYC portal of EPFO

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Step-By-Step Guide To Generate Direct UAN

The Universal Account Number or UAN helps the employee check their EPF balance, withdraw cash and apply for a PF loan. Employees can now quickly generate their UAN numbers online. Remember to have your Aadhaar number with you before starting the UAN generation process. Check the steps to be developed.

Here’s a step-by-step leader in generating direct UAN:

On the right side, click Direct UAN Assignment by Employees

Provide your Aadhar-linked mobile phone, type Captcha and click Generate OTP

Enter the OTP received, arrange the mobile phone linked to Aadhar and click on the Submit button

Select Yes for “Do you work in a private company/factory/business?”. If No is selecte, the system will redirect you to the home page

Select the appropriate “Job Category” since the drop-down list

Under EPFO, if “Occupational Category” is selected as “Operating/Enterprise/Factory”, the system will ask for the PF code number. Otherwise, the system will prompt you to arrive operating details.

The system displays the installation details. You must now enter the entry date, select the proof of identity type, and upload a copy of the selected “proof of identity”.

Now enter your Aadhar or Virtual ID and Captcha and click Generate OTP

  • OTP is receive on your phone. Enter this
  • Moreover the system retrieves the details from UIDAI. Click the Register button
  • Your UAN is generate
  • However UAN is also receive on your mobile phone.

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