Instagram Likes: When it comes to winning with social media marketing campaigns, you need to have a huge Instagram following, which is a social photo-sharing network. It is one of the best places to go to when you want to run a social media marketing campaign. The way you can segment users here is thanks to followers, which can lead to their posts getting more likes.

The more likes you get, the more people will see it because it is one of the requirements for Instagram Likes to feature a photo. With that said, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Read on to find out what they are.

Instagram Likes -15 tricks to get more likes

Be Original

By now, how many photos of legs on the beach have we already seen? Those with feet on the sand have even earned their own title: pictures.

Conclusion: be an original, surprise and use your imagination to get the most liked photos on Instagram.

Don’t Be Repetitive

Avoid posting a photo of each meal you make, one is enough.

Your followers will appreciate (with likes) that you surprise them with new and original photos.

Teach what you know how to do

If you are good at impressive share it! Whether drawing, makeup or any other hobby, your followers will like to meet you.

Of course, remember to write your hashtags under your photo to reach people who may be interested in your hobby.

Bulletin Board

Big announcements and events are always the meat of Instagram Likes. Remember to upload photos when you make interesting plans or have news to tell your followers.

Original Selfies

Every time we scroll through Instagram we see more and more selfies; if you want to make yours stand out from the rest, forget about the embarrassment and be original.

The top Cara Delevingne is a good example to follow, on her Instagram we see the funniest selfies and the strangest faces of the entire network

Post Time

The time at which we publish our photos can be decisive to get a greater number of likes.

Avoid posting at night as few people will see your photo.

Choose to share it in the morning, although not very soon or at mealtime.

Use the Camera

The quality of the photos you upload is also essential.

If you have the possibility, use a professional photo camera, do it. The difference with the cameras of smartphones is abysmal.


Tag your friends in your photos to access their followers in this way.

Also, if you want to gain likes, it is also highly recommended to tag those brands that you wear in the photograph.


Instagram filters are one of the tools that make us like this application so much. Choose the filter that best suits your photo well, try not to make it too artificial and take full advantage of the aesthetics of your photo.

One of the most used filters is Clarendon, if you have doubts, use it.


Hashtags are another of the most recommended options to gain followers, use the most current ones. You can discover them in specific applications or simply by looking in the explore section for those that have been used recently in accounts with many likes.


Firstly, A clever message can turn a mediocre photo into a triumph.

One suggestion is to go to quotes from people you admire to accompany your images.

Edit your Photos

Try to edit your photos whenever you can, a little touch-up of light can do wonders.

We recommend that you try the VSCO application to get photos with a very retro look that you will love.

Share your Photos

Share your photos on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, this way you will achieve a greater reach and even acquaintances of yours who did not know that you had Instagram will find out this way.

Your Pet

Pets always attract the sympathy of our followers on the network.

So share your pet’s best poses, tricks and tricks and get ready for a barrage of likes on your profile.


However, Instagram has been part of our life for some years now, which is why today there are multiple applications to optimize its use. And also, Tags For Likes or other apps will help you discover the most fashionable tags of the moment and other tricks that will come in handy.