Inbound Marketing: The actual land sector is an industry that has been affected in many countries by the globalized economic crisis; An example of this is China: a lot of supply, little demand, rising prices, and housing units that take more than a year and a half to move; a map of 70 cities with completed buildings and without buyers due to the slow economy that does not allow supply to be covered.

Another more recent instance is the case of Greece, which is going through a chaotic financial situation that has repercussions in all its sectors, including real estate. What will the experts in marketing strategies in this sector do to alleviate the commercial tsunami they already see coming?

Create a Strategic Plan for your Real Estate Business

Printed flyers, events in shopping centres, a store outside the real estate development where they give away hot dogs or other events where they give away eco-technologies (fluorescent light bulbs that “save” energy, for example). We understand that it may be convenient to use these incentives where the audience is promised to give them the dream house.

But what did the marketing team or agency have to do to reach that consecrated moment of the sale and the subsequent signing of the deeds? How much budget did you spend? To what medium did you attribute that sale?

A real estate SEO service client relationship management system is a system that helps in managing all conversations with prospects and clients.

Your long-term strategy should be to engage, convert, close and delight your audience in a way that helps, educates, and is credible. That builds trust. Use the inbound marketing methodology to help steer the course and stay focused on your business’s quality content.

Start by Defining your Buyer Personas

Start by understanding perfectly well who you are targeting. Everything you do approximately your strategies has to be linked to your buyer personas profile or profiles. This is a semi-fictional symbol of your ideal client, just as PromoCasa did, a real estate developer positioned in Mexico, but one of the few with a holistic digital marketing strategy; the best thing about it is that they properly apply the inbound marketing methodology.

Before taking out any digital marketing strategy, be it SEM or SMM, they understand that the need is linked to that ideal client they want to talk to. This link in inbound marketing is based on accurate data and well-founded speculation about your demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals.

HubSpot’s free buyer personas tool is a great place to start if you don’t know where to start when creating your personas. With it, you can design a buyer persona that your entire company can use to market, sell and offer the best services.


Another item that PromoCasa applied was optimizing its website, making it functional and focused on consumers. Work on your SEO strategies, but don’t just focus on being number one in Google search rankings. Much time and change are spent, which is often somewhat arbitrary.

Focus first on satisfying your customers with unique, trustworthy, educational, and informative content, and then the search engines will follow. If your market is in Mexicali, Tijuana, and Rosarito, why not focus on that area and the keywords relevant to that market?

Think about those sites you visit yourself… what attracts you or drives you away? Think about web design. Those overly complex and poorly designed drive visitors out, while well-designed websites with the ability to establish instant credibility retain them.

Also, focus on keywords, and optimize your content based on those keywords by creating blog posts or content offers. Also, think about how you will distribute your content across all social media channels and what role each of those platforms will play.


Convert your visitors into potential customers through proactive approaches and valuable interactions. Also, use calls to action to present a chance to your visitors. Depending on what phase of the sales funnel your prospect is at, offer them content in the form of eBooks, webinars, case studies, or even a guide they can purchase.

This part makes visitors stop being strangers and become (at least) a contact; these indecisive, confused, inexperienced contacts. In the case of PromoCasa, its content marketing strategy was focused on converting those people who were interested in information, so they answered questions such as:

If you offer valuable content, people will give something up to get it. Start by putting together your content maps. If you need help to get start, you can start by reading this post on how to create content maps and download free templates.

Once you’ve gathered contact information that you can add to your email lists. Enter them into a HubSpot workflow or automation workflow. And continue working on them. Now is the time to convert your leads into customers and pass them on to your sales team.

Inbound Marketing

Email marketing a great way to build trust by turning leads into customers. It will help if you strong-minded about who your contacts to send them the correct information. Segment your contacts well and personalize your emails so that you convert your readers into loyal followers of your brand.

One way to help viaduct the gap between your marketing efforts. And the sales team is to ask contacts questions to segment them based on location, role, or behaviour. What are your weak spots?

Prospects make 60% of their purchase decision before speaking with a salesperson. Leverage buyer context to know who you’re talking to and where they are in the sales funnel.

Imagine integrating the benefits of HubSpot’s CRM to serve prospects in the real estate market; this would easily allow sellers to have a dynamic overview of what happens when prospecting in the field. What offers in the media, and also what happens at the point of sale.


There is an opportunity to turn them into promoters of your brand or product by going beyond customer expectations. The customer experience is natural from the first interaction when they went from strangers to visitors to your site. So your job is never complete just because you make a sale.

  • There are three pillars to customer delight:
  • Innovation: change improve the status quo.
  • Communication: Being personal and available to help people is ideal.
  • Education: informing is much better than ignoring. Build customer awareness.

Delight about cultivating relationships and having customers evangelists for your brand or product. This means that you will need to listen to customers, ask them questions, help educate them, and follow up. The better your audience’s experience, the more likely they will share your content with friends, family, or other social networks. As a result, new strangers will attract to your company.

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