Introduction To Newborn

we’re looking at newborn photography and all things babies, so what is newborn photography is photos and babies in their earliest days, ideally. We try and fraid to graft them between six and ten days old but anywhere up to about six weeks, and it’s all about capturing the newness of a baby, all the tiny features, hairs, fingers, and toes.

Why do we do new photography, though? It’s great business sense. Every new parent will go completely go shiva baby photographs. If the baby came back to the studio in two three four weeks, they were very different in that newborn timing period. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime unrepeatable opportunity you can’t get this time back again.

So it’s a great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a luxury experience. It records all those details for new parents who can’t capture themselves. They spend well on it, grandparents often spend well on it and overall, it’s just a lovely, rewarding, fulfilling experience.

Preparing Of SessionPreparing Of Session

One of the most important things with newborn photography is the preparation can’t stress enough how much preparing your session well. Preparing the parents, the baby, and yourself will make a world of difference to whether you have a good, a great, or a disastrous session.

Preparing Of Client

important things to think about, and the first thing we do when parents inquire and make bookings with me. We give them a lot of preparation information to read through. We send it through in a PDF, and then I’ll email it through again and then when they’ve had their baby and we booked the session date, I’ll review it all again. That’s how important it is to get it right.

What Do We Ask Parents To Do?

  • keep the baby awake on the morning of the session,
  • try to time a feed for when they arrive at the studio
  • and don’t use any oils or lotions on the baby on the morning of the session
  • bring extra milk for the session
  • and bring blankets from home
  • bring is a dummy
  • wear loose layers as the studio can get very warm
  • discuss ahead of time if siblings will be involved in the shoot at any point
  • explain a session could take up to 4 hours
  • explain that most of the time will be spent settling the baby rather than photographing

Photographer Preparation

Usually, you need your batteries and your cards clear, that kind of thing, but we also heat the room to look warm and the warmer, the better for me, babies aren’t used to being naked, so if you have a lovely warm room, they won’t feel the cold as much. They also can’t control their circulation as well as adults.

So that they will cool down quite quickly, you really do need it quite toasty in there, and I tend to like using a fan heater even in the summer because when you undress a baby, it’s that warm breeze that blows over them which helps settle them down to sleep.


Newborn portraiture is a variation of portrait photography. Only the subjects are frequently less than two weeks old. Newborn photos are about capturing this precious time before the infant grows up. Introduction To Newborn

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