We can understand by Personal Image everything that has to do with our appearance, way of expressing ourselves, and relating to the outside world.

This reflects who we are and how willing we can establish personal, professional, and work relationships.

Taking care of our image is a challenge that we must accept, as this will allow us to communicate with others in a powerful, direct, and pleasant way. In addition, maintaining a good image makes us feel more comfortable and happy with ourselves.

What is the Personal and Corporate Image

First impressions are what count within the world of work, and it is not for more. Being punctual, organized, and disciplined is essential for supervisors and leaders of a company.

Demonstrating good performance accompanied by productivity and charisma can help workers grow within a company. We must add how he works with his colleagues and what kind of deals he manages to establish with his work team.

Being positive is an excellent tool to implement and thus project a fantastic personal and corporate image. Smiling is an extra that works!

How to Take Care of your Image

It is a fact that your clothing and appearance are part of your image; how to take care of it and give a better impression? We are going to provide you with these tips:

Before getting dressed, choose the colors and make them match each other.
Master the textures. Points, stripes, pictures, or figures can combine depending on the occasion.
Take care of your hands.
Make sure your shoes and clothes are clean
Always walk straight and with your eyes pointing forward.
Be respectful and with good manners. It’s okay to smile and say hello to whoever you meet along the way!

Remember that you also need to continue taking care of your image if you are from home. Ideas flow much better when you feel good about yourself.

Elements that make up the Personal Image

Elements that make up the personal image. Could you get to know them?

Not in all cases, the personal image refers to the clothes or accessories that we use to look good. Other aspects make the unique image stand out and be taken into account in different contexts.

A good attitude: Undoubtedly, attitude is the entrance to any part. Being calm or outlining good energy makes people interested in what you say and think. No matter where you are or what context you are in, always try to be authentic and constructive.

Cordiality: As the old saying goes, “education doesn’t fight with anyone,” and being kind doesn’t cost us anything. Wherever you arrive, always say hello and whenever you leave, say goodbye. The personal image is based on expressing oneself in a good way, and through these manners, it is possible to determine what that person is like.

Personal Image with Claro

Keep taking care of your image with Claro:

We know you take care of your image! For this reason, Claro Club has bonuses, benefits, and discounts for you so that you do not stop cultivating what you are. So enter and discover the stores, warehouses, and wellness centers to help you maintain your lifestyle.


A beautician performs beauty treatments on people to improve their appearance and help them feel better about theirself. These treatments include cosmetic camouflage techniques, as waxing, facials, and massages.

Dog Groomer

Health of the dogs by clipping their nails and using deworming treatments.
They also maintain their appearance and health Dog groomers keep dogs in good condition by cutting their hair. and maintaining the appearance and health of the dogs by clipping their nails and using deworming treatments.


Hairdressers wash, condition, dry, cut, style, perm, straighten, and color hair. They may also advise customer on hair product sold in the salon, perform front-desk duties, and handle payment. Some hairdressers work on their own.

Tattoo Artist

It uses artistic and technical skills to engrave permanent images on people’s bodies. So, they also use needles and pigment for tattoos. Tattoo artists must work under strict hygienic condition to licensed by local health department.

Personal Shopping Assistant

Personal shopper assistants use their expert knowledge for items for customers. Some personal shopper assistants work in department stores or fashion clothes stores. They advise which items are the best right to the…

Beauty Consultant

Beauty consultants sell makeup, perfume, and skincare products and advise about their uses. So, they usually work at the counter of cosmetic store.

Makeup Artist

However, Makeup artists ensure that people who appear on television, in movies, or on stage wear the right makeup and hairstyle. And also, In plays and entertainment programs, creative makeup is required. News, current affairs, and talk shows require makeup…


However, Models appear in newspaper and magazine advertisements and articles, television commercials, runway shows, and fashion shows. They can be clothing models or promote other products such as cars or jewelry.


Moreover, Aromatherapists use essential oils (extracted from plants) to carry out a comprehensive treatment that helps improve health and stimulate, calm or heal the patient’s body and mind. The oils can be practical in different ways: through a massage (mixed and.

Wig Maker

Moreover, Wig manufacturers make wigs and hairpieces for aesthetic, therapeutic (health), and creative (performing arts) purposes. And also, This trade involves detailed and meticulous work.

Manicure Specialist

However, Manufacture specialists offer their clients different nail treatments (fingernails and toenails). They also work on nail art and fashion, for example, painting them in different styles. Manicure specialists also apply, repair, and remove false nails or extensions…

Piercing Specialist

However, Piercing specialists pierce various parts of the body using needle guns. Once the hole is made, they apply ornaments and earrings for decorative purposes.

Spa Therapist

However, Spa therapists offer a comprehensive series of beauty treatments and health therapies focused on the healing effects of water. And also, They work in health and beauty centers or spas, which may or may not be located within hotels, health centers, resorts, or cruise ships.

Image Consultant

However, Image consultants help their clients get the most out of their appearance to feel good and confident about themselves. They also show people how to create a good impression by speaking or behaving.

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