Have you recently been contacted by a premier student loan center schoolfellow? If so, be aware that online reviews suggest Premier Student Loan Center is not reputable.

This company promotes itself as a solution to your student loan debt problems. They say they can lower your student loan repayments and sometimes help you with student loan servicing for a fee.

These promises may seem tempting. After all, many borrowers struggle not only to understand student loan concepts like compound interest but also essential services like managing monthly payments.

Contacting Student Loan Servicers: A Guide

If you’re making payments on your federal student loans or just about to start, you’ve probably become familiar with a mysterious new entity known as your Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow manager.

You’re not alone if you’re not sure who this company is or their role in your student loans. The student loan process can be confusing and frustrating if you think your interest rate is too high. If your interest rate(s) are above 4.0%, click below and start saving today…

Here, we’d like to take a % of the mystery out of the student loan repayment process. Next, you will find:

  • A list of the best student loan managers
  • Contact details for each company, and
  • Answers to some of the most frequently ask questions about servicing student loans.

What services does Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow

The Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow website states that it is a file preparation company. After speaking with a representative, you will be guide “to determine your goals and needs,” and the company will “identify the best loan programs offered by the U.S. Department of Education for which you qualify. Many programs are subject to change without notice and may be difficult to navigate or find on your own,” the website states.

Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow presents as a necessary middleman by suggesting that managing your student loan debt is too much to handle.

According to several reviews of the company on the Better Business Bureau’s online website, for these services, the company charges borrowers five or six monthly payments of $200 to $239, plus payments of $20 to forty dollars that are presumably used to repay the loan. A reviewer said he paid the company a total of $1,395.

Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow Is A Premier Provider Of Cutting-Edge Services

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the performance of federal student loans is by far mediocre. Still, loans service by the Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow perform comparatively better than those from other companies. According to recent reports, the default rate has been around 8% in recent years, which compares well with the default rate of approximately 12% nationwide.

The default rate measures the percentage of federal student borrowers who cannot repay their p.C. After reaching the pay level. To help alleviate the challenge of default, Premier Student Loan Center has dedicated.

A significant amount of funding to research, development and employee training to equip its staff in the key areas that have been the underlying causes of the rising default rate among U.S. student borrowers…

Is Premier Student Loan Legit

It is not illegal for a company to charge a fee to help you with student loans. Then, you don’t have to pay to get help.

The organization offers a number of free services, most of which only require a phone call, such lowering your monthly payments, helping you with the consolidation process, or even determining whether you qualify for debt forgiveness.

Instead of paying an outside company to help you with your student debt problems, you can work directly with your loan servicer for free.

The Better Business Bureau website also shows almost eighty complaints against this company. Complaints include customer complaints:

  • They could no longer contact the company with questions after agreeing to pay the fee.
  • The representatives of the A. The company requested a borrower’s FSA ID and then changed the password to their FSA accounts without authorization. (Note: NEVER share your FSA password.)
  • Fees and payments made at the Premier Student Loan Center have never been applied to student loan balances.
  • Many borrowers said they thought the company was a scam and sought ways to get their money back.

Help Reviewers:

  • Warning: “Delight, don’t fall for this cheat!”
  • Report being harassed on the phone despite being on the National Do Not Call List.
  • Let’s say they were rushed through the process.
  • They were tricked into believing that the fees they paid to the company would be applied to their student loans.

Your Loan Servicer May Be Changing

As 2022 draws to a close, several loan servicers are ending their contracts with the Department of Education and transferring their federal student loans to other services.

What does this mean to you:? If Granite State or FedLoan is currently servicing your loan, your loan will soon be transferred to another company.

If so, you will soon receive an email regarding your account. Element of one of the repairers that the federal authorities have authorized to take care of these accounts.

Transfer loans will be service by one of the following companies: Advantage, financial, MOHELA, Navient and Nelnet. If your loan is transfer, you should hear from your current loan manager, your new one, and the Department of Education.

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What Does My Loan Servicer Do

The predominant job of your loan servicer is to act as an intermediary between you and your lender. The lender is the one who provides you with the money to pay for your studies. You will now work with the student loan officer to pay the lender.

The loan servicer does several things, including:

  • Collecting and tracking your monthly student loan payments
  • Offer assistance in customizing your loan repayments, such as switching from the standard repayment plan to an income-based repayment plan
  • Assess your eligibility for student loan forgiveness programs, and
  • Assist lenders with deferment or indulgence.

Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow Sets the Bar High

Although many financial aid companies are in the market, not all are create equal. Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow has made a name for itself in business for half a decade with its five-star customer service and financial assistance. With a growing number of post-secondary graduates facing uncertainty about their future due to crippling amounts of student debt, it became clear that more financial aid was need.

Companies like the Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow have responded to this need with comprehensive financial assistance strategies and programs for borrowers of all ages and in all situations. With recent U.S. economic downturns, more people have sought an education to secure future employment. The increase in enrollment has caused a rise in tuition rates, forcing many students to seek high-interest loans that the federal government does not guarantee.

About Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow

Premier Student Loan Center has a strong reputation built on comprehensive financial aid strategies, personalized service, and financial advice.

Premier Student Loan Center is so committed to customer service and maintaining customer service consistency for every customer that in 2018 they decided to accept financial aid application no longer. The decision was made unanimously by the company’s management team, who did not believe they could maintain the level of service on which they had built their name and reputation with such a dramatic increase in customer demands.

Services Provided by Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow

In partnership with the U.S. Section of Education, the Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow is 100% dedicate to helping l. A. Younger generation to establish a bright financial future, despite having started with large student debt.

Premier’s team of debt specialists is continually working to improve the offerings and programs it offers. They seek to provide their clients with comprehensive financial aid answers and counselling.

Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow Loan Forgiveness

In certain conditions where a borrower has made consistent efforts to pay off student debt, life circumstances prevent him from continuing to pay it off and maintain a basic standard of living.

Loan forgiveness is an alternative. You were not being available to everyone, your specialist in it. A. Premier Student Loan Center debt will help you determine if this is a program for which you are eligible.


Regarding the financial counselling, the Premier Student Loan Center Schoolfellow provides, Los Angeles debt specialists want to help borrowers repay their loans and equip them with the financial skills to manage their debt and live with it.

However a financial budget. Healthy manners. Moreover a comprehensive review of the Los Angeles debt will reveal the state of the. Borrower debt and how best to approach its payment. When it comes to financial counselling in Los Angeles.

The debt specialists at Premier Student Loan Center will sit down with you and create a personalized quote that considers your financial obligations and goals and gets you to Los Angeles.

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