Professions Books: Knowing the professions and the labour market is a critical aspect of the academic and professional guidance process, along with self-knowledge and finding out about the existing training offer.  Various international organizations and experts insist that guidance should be offered to students early and throughout their lives.  In addition, they point out that stories and books are excellent tools to introduce people to the world of work.

Professions Books

The works discussed below have been recommended by counsellors, librarians, publishers, teachers, and writers.  They can be inspiring and helpful when making decisions about your academic and career future or discovering many of your career options.  So Professions Books, do you dare to explore them?

Children’s literary recommendations

1.  Lifeguard – Professions Books

Andrew is an air service doctor and always carries an electric blanket with him so he can warm patients during the flight.  His job is to care for patients who have to be taken to the hospital by plane; J in, however, is a cancer researcher.  For her, it is essential to have a good microscope to observe and study the cells.

All of them are dedicated to saving lives and are the protagonists of Lifeguard, the latest publication by British writer Eryl Nash, with illustrations by Ana Albero.

It is a story to explore 12 different professions based on the personal stories of its protagonists inspired by actual examples.” For example, lifeguards are all around us, and we often don’t realize it.  I wanted to talk about professions that have helped us a lot during the pandemic so that children recognize that they can also take on those roles when they are older,” he explains to Educaweb, the author.

A page accompanies each character with illustrations explaining all the tools and equipment these professionals need to work daily.

2.  The Book of Inventions.

There are many books and stories about inventions.  Still, Editorial Cruïlla’s proposal draws particular attention because “it is organized according to the benefits they bring us in life,” explains Anna Pauner, executive editor of literature at the publishing house.

With text by Tim Cooke and illustrations by Paul Davis, the story presents an invention on each double page and explains who invented it, what it is for, or how it works.  It also divides them according to how they have helped us in our daily lives: if they make machines move, such as the nuclear reactor, they move us from one place to another, like the plane, or shorten distances, like the television.

Through the book, inventions can be discovered like the rocket, the computer, the batteries or the steam engines, and who is behind them and what professions they have.

3.  The Forgotten Professions Books

Do you know what a letter writer, an elevator operator, or a wet nurse did?  Do you do jobs as curious as that of a human alarm clock: the person responsible for waking up those who had to go to work in the factory and did not have enough cash to buy an alarm clock?

These are professions that no longer exist and have been part of people’s lives for decades.  Yet, we can learn from these ancient trades and inspire for the future.

Published by Astronave, this illustrated album explains forty forgotten trades and details the work of the people who exercised it was like and in what era they use.

Written by Teresa Blanch and Anna Gasol, with illustrations by Giselfust, this editorial novelty will not cease to surprise you.

4.  Good Night Stories for Rebellious Girls

A bestseller of children’s literature, written by Elena Faville and Francesca Cavallo in 2017, explains the personal and professional lives of 100 leading women in their fields.

The tennis player Serena Williams, the designer Coco Chanel, the lawyer Michelle Obama and the Pakistani activist Malala Yusafrzai are some of the names that appear in the text, which has managed to bring together illustrations by 60 artists from around the world.

A book that contributes to normalizing gender diversity in the professions and that girls and boys can find leading female figures in their fields of interest.

After the success of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 3, and Goodnight Stories, Our Rebel Girls have also release.  In the latter, 100 stories of Spanish women who have left their mark on their professions narrate.

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5.  The Firefighters.  my First Discoveries

A story for the little ones to learn about the firefighter profession, with flaps and windows to surprise on each page.

Illustrat by the artist Emmanuel Tre, it a proposal that stimulates the imagination and provides knowledge about a profession that many children dream of becoming adults

Books for teens and young adults

6.  Women of Science.  50 Fearless Trailblazers who changed the world

In this work, the American author discloses the work of 50 women who made significant contributions to science.  In addition, she introduces children and teens to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers through the book while encouraging more girls to pursue STEM-related careers.

Rachel Ignotofsky has written and illustrated many books dedicated to generating female role. Models in professional activities that and will key in the evolution of our societies. Says sociologist Oriol Homs, who highly recommends this book the author.

Until now, few women have dedicated themselves to these professions. When there must more to provide a more transversal vision that takes into account the interests of all. Adds the sociologist.

“These professions are gaining prominence in the digital and knowledge society transition.  Their contributions will at the center of the innovations in the coming years. And their proposals will shape our societies,” she adds.

7.  Women of art. 50 Intrepid Female creators who Inspired the World

This work promotes the artistic contributions of 50 key women in the history of art and. At the same time, makes known the professions related to this discipline. Which constitute another of the basic pillars of the evolution towards a knowledge society. Says sociologist Oriol Homs I Ferrer. Who also recommends this book by author Rachel Ignotofsky.

“Artists develop a great ability to interpret the world from another perspective. That is very different from science but equally necessary and complementary.  Women artists have always been, but they have often undervalue and ignore, ” explains the writer.

Homs I Ferret considers that reading this book and the one he has previously recommended by the same author. And also, Will help adolescents and young people. Discover vocations and contribute to the development of science and art with another look. However, it also recommend for children to discover broader references in these areas.

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