Before we define the term Spectrum, we first need to understand its etymological origin. In this scenario, we can say that it’s a Latin term derived from “Spectrum,” which means “picture,” and that it’s the consequence of the combination of two clearly defined lexical components:

Similar Terms:

We can consider it a disorder of the border of the self with others and an alteration of the awareness of the separation between the self and the outside world.

The latest updates to the DSM and ICD go along the same concerning autism.

They have encompassed all diagnoses related to autism in a single term called “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD).

Both classifications highlight the same two determining categories in the TEA:

the difficulties of social interaction and social communication,

And restricted interests and repetitive behaviours.

It eliminated the language problems included in the previous editions of these manuals.

Both classifications also point to the significance of examining unusual sensory sensitivities.

On the other hand, some differences between CIE and DSM are also appreciated.

The ICD emphasizes distinguishing between autism with and without intellectual capacity.

ICD 11 also includes the loss of previously acquired skills as a character in the diagnosis.

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)

While magnetic resonance imaging detects hydrogen nuclei to determine brain structure, magnetic resonance spectroscopy can detect multiple nuclei with an odd number of protons and neutrons. Provides information on intracellular PH and metabolism of phospholipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and high-energy phosphates. It can also detect psychoactive drugs in the brain.

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Depressive Personality Spectrum

The drum has long been regarded as the bearer of mixed messages and a vehicle for voyages to the underworld and upper-world –witness the shamans’ drums. Similarly, Fritz Hauser’s playing is characterized by expanding the instrument’s acoustic dimension. Spectrum could be termed an association generator, shaping our perception using an astonishing variety of timbres and unusual sounds, transforming what we have already heard. Doors to unknown worlds are thrown open, and ‘memory spaces’ are revived.

More About Spectrum

Spettro begins with a long sequence of precisely held drumbeats, which seem almost incantatory. Who or what here? Could it be a spirit world or spirit beings and their symbolism, as the work’s title might suggest? The ghosts are, in any case, already peeping out from behind the drum; whatever was lurking in the background forges ahead into the foreground, a metallic shimmering is unfurling, on the distant sound horizon, a few muffled shots from field guns of bygone wars are audible. The victims of battle, now animate, stir their stumps and infiltrate our perception. The dark, deep rumble gains intensity, and soldiers’ boots march on the road to nowhere. A solitary high and hollow-sounding bell –was it the bell that called them to war back then?

Admonitory Striking

More and more metallic sounds mingle into the action. The admonitory striking of thick knitting needles on balcony railings transforms into a steady beating on pots and pans. The protest gains in force, and discontent finds its sonorous reverberation before swiftly levelling off. Then a ticking that is not in second intervals, as if the clock of life had readjust once more; the space-time continuum undergoes a curious shift. The echoing ring becomes softer and begins to shimmer, overtones steadily gaining ground before the stroke of the gong causes the oscillating sound clouds to come crashing down.

Moreover, The soundmaster has called the spirits; now they answer. They reveal themselves as calling from beneath the water’s surface, akin to mysterious whale sounds. Or are we on the high seas in a ship’s hull?

Sweeping Castle Hall

Suddenly, however, the spirit beings openly, or only seemingly, change the setting and gather in a large, sweeping castle hall. A ritual with pellet drums starts up, bantering skirmishes erupt here and there, flirting, coarse joke, and these little balls curl repeatedly pattering on the leather. Still, no drummer is to detect in the imaginary castle hall. A crescendo on the drums rears up, followed by the big, thundering drum –an abrupt change of scene. And also, the sound of this ghost sonata takes on an almost ethereal quality –fleeting, like life itself: Tick, tick, tick, tock… memento mori. Chimes in the light wind strike gently against the trunk of the tree they hang from. The giant suspended gong starts vibrating; profoundly evocative overtones fill the room and let Spettrogradually die away. The last gong stroke’s dark, wafting, lingering echo carries us into nothingness.

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