Getting on a mobile phone plan is one of the best savings move you can make. Trying to communicate outside a mobile phone plan is tricky since you are not really in control of the tariffs and this makes you vulnerable to erratic price changes and uncertain network coverage. This guide will introduce you to selecting the best mobile phone plans that are suitable for you.

Types Of Mobile Phone Plans

The most common types of mobile phone plans are prepaid plans, Sim-only, and unlimited phone plans. Though other sub categories exist they mostly fall within these three groups and the differences depend on the payment schedule and whether you want a mobile phone to come with the plans or not. Your choice on which mobile plan will work best for you also depend on your travel plans, budget and whether your calling schedules.

Sim-Only Mobile Plans

The sim-only mobile plan is also called the Pay-As-You-Go plan which basically means you don’t get a mobile phone together with the mobile resources that comes with a mobile plan. It is ideal for people who want mobile phone plan tariffs without the need for a mobile phone, perhaps preferring their current mobile phone. This plan is ideal for people who simply want to experiment with different plans and don’t need to be held down by a contract that comes with a lock mobile phone.

Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

The prepaid mobile phone plan comes with a phone but unlike the PAYG plan, they come as a fixed agreement of either 12, 24 or 36 months with your coverage provider. You can also choose to pay monthly whereby you pay for the mobile phone as well as the resources you buy along with the phone. In some cases, you can also have a prepaid sim-only plan whereby you can keep your own phone but still enter a contract on the resources such as data, minutes and sms.

Unlimited Mobile Phone Plans

The unlimited mobile phone plan offers you discounted resources which are unlimited. However, just because they are unlimited does not mean that you can use the resources to infinity; it simply means that you get to pay for a bundled offer on a monthly basis and once you exhaust the resources before the month ends then the service can become unreliable. Most prepaid plans especially with mobile plans Australia will allow you to receive more resources but at a higher interest rate once your original resources are depleted.

How to Select the Best Phone Option

Since some of the plans come with a mobile phone, you should expect higher premiums the more expensive your mobile phone choice is. If you are on a budget, then the best choice is to go for a not so recent phone, since your carrier will avail it at a cheaper cost. You can then use the savings on the mobile phone to get more resources such as data and caller minutes. This is an ideal option if you are a heavy phone user and need more resources to communicate.

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