The AKG Y600NC review proposition is sensible to provide ultra-comfortable noise-canceling headphones in an over-ear design without the hefty price tag often related to such headphones.

But what corners have been cut to include such an offering in this price range, and therefore does it make sense to buy the Y600NC or save a p.c? Could you look elsewhere?

AKG Y600NC Design

  • AKG Y600NC DesignMemory foam and protein leather ear cushions
  • Bluetooth 5 wireless, 2.5mm wire
  • 610mAh battery, USB fast-charge
  • Finishes: Gold, Black, Silver
  • Carry pouch included
  • Folding design
  • Weight: 322g

AKG Design

If the AKG Y600NC has one thing right, it’s comfort. These over-the-ear cans have large ear cups made of memory foam and lined with protein leather. Wear them for hours, and you won’t get that ‘pinching’ associated with some ears. It’s just dream comfort.

However, the earcups are pretty large, so they can slip a p.C. off, which can, to some degree, affect sound quality as it flies toward your ears. We found that the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2, a % more in price, fit a p.C. Better.

Our review sample is finished in black, but silver and gold options are available. The finish isn’t sticky, being coated in an artful-to-the-touch cloth.

It feels great and doesn’t produce annoying creaking sounds like some plastics. However, the slightest touch marks this material with fingerprints.

Regarding controls, AKG has stuck with a mix of automation, a well-equipped app, and physical buttons/switches that you can easily find without looking.

It’s a sensible solution, though we’d prefer more subtly sized buttons – having the various visible openings could be avoided with touch controls, as you’ll find on many other headsets.

Sound of AKG Y600NC Review

  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 24kHz
  • Active noise-canceling (ANC)
  • AKG app with adjustable EQ
  • 40mm drivers

AKG sound

As with any headset, the sound profile is the most important thing. AKG does well here, but it’s not a class leader. We discovered that the upper end is a p.C. Pressed down, the bass is less punchy than some like the Bose NC seven-hundred headphones, and there’s a different distinction you might find elsewhere.

That said, a wide range of frequencies is cover, so there’s no barrier to what you can hear. In addition, there is a fully adjustable equalizer (EQ) inside it.

App to manipulate a waveform to your liking (albeit within 32Hz – 16kHz, which cuts the lower bass and higher frequencies outside the range the Y600NC cube covers).

Active noise cancellation helps reduce ambient noise, letting you spend your time listening without distraction, but it’s not a very powerful ANC. That’s not necessarily a problem: some ANC systems make you feel like you’re floating in the vacuum of space, as they help enhance the sound with more finesse in trendy.

But if you want stronger cancellation technology, it’s easy to find: from the Surface Headphones 2, with their 13 adjustable levels, to the even more powerful Bose Noise Canceling 700.


The AKG Y600NC Review headphones deliver a great sound wall style that’s loud and capable across the entire frequency range but less cohesive than other, more seasoned offerings. The ANC could also be more decisive.

Which, in effect, is the compromise you are taking by paying % less. Most will be happy with the Y600NC for all it offers until you hear from him. Competition is a percent more expensive, and realize what you could have.

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