Since 2018, the American technology company Cognizant has offered 20 Lady Tech Scholarships annually in Spain, intending to promote the presence of women in STEM careers.

Women in ICT: The scholarships are aimed at women between 18 and 35 who are studying or want to study computer engineering, telecommunications, mathematics, statistics, or a double degree related to these areas at a Spanish university, whether public or private and whose degree is official.

Cognizant subsidizes the subjects enrolled in the first call, regardless of the course, for 500 euros per year and person through the Lady Tech scholarships. The grants are assigned based on the order of application and are paid to the beneficiaries during the first fortnight of February.

The last call to apply for these grants was held in November 2021, so we recommend that you stay tuned for the next one. You can access the scholarship website to check the dates of future calls and the requirements to apply for them or contact the email

Orange Come On Scholarships for STEM Women

Deadline to request them: pending definition

These scholarships are intended for students and graduates (maximum two years ago) of STEM careers, such as the Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Telecommunications, etc.

The program offers ten girls the opportunity to carry out six months of paid training internships at Orange Madrid, extendable to one year, and participate in cybersecurity, DevOps, Cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence projects.

Although the deadline to apply for these grants has closed in December 2021, Orange plans to offer them this year, as reported by the company on its website. So we recommend you be on the lookout for when the call opens. To find out more about these scholarships, we recommend you consult the website dedicated to them.

 The Three Generation Google Scholarships for Women in ICT

Deadline to request them: pending definition

Google seeks to promote the presence of women in the development of ICT, for which it offers three types of scholarships for students seeking training in the technological field at a European university:

Scholarships for Women in Computer Science: Aimed at Computer Science. Each of the beneficiaries will receive 7,000 euros from studying at the university of their choice and having the opportunity to collaborate on Google projects.

Scholarships for video game developers: students in this field who wish to receive 7,000 euros for their studies.

Scholarships to study technological careers in Ireland: for students of specialized studies. The selected students will receive a prize of 5,000 euros for two consecutive years of their university studies.

The requirements to apply to include enrolling as a graduate, postgraduate, or master’s student at an accredited university in Europe for the 2022-2023 academic year or intending to register for the 2023-2024 academic year as demonstrating a solid academic record.

The scholarship will be award based on the good academic record of the applicants and the fulfillment of some tests and documentation, such as answering five short questions in an essay, aimed at evaluating the experience and leadership of the students who request it; as well as CV, notes, and letters of recommendation.

To know all the requirements of the scholarships. And how to apply for them, we recommend that you consult the official page. Website of the Generation Google scholarships for women. Unfortunately, the last call for these scholarships close in December 2021. But Google calls them annually. So we recommend you be on the lookout.

STEM Talent Girl Real Work Scholarships

This program of scholarships and internships in technology companies for university students. And recent graduates has launched the STEM Talent Girl platform. An initiative of the ASTI Foundation supported by the Junta de Castilla y Leon. The mission of this entity is to promote scientific and technological vocations among students, especially female students.

The objective of Real Work is to offer young women an internship period in a company. After receiving accelerated training in the technological field. That is relevant to the company and that facilitates the student’s incorporation into it.

Also, the girls who get these scholarships can attend master classes with women directors of prestigious technology companies, researchers. And mathematicians. In addition, during their internships. They have a mentor from their professional area. Who will help them develop to the fullest.

In the program, the students acquire the training from January to May. To access internships in companies during the summer months. The calls to participate in these scholarships, offer since 2018,  launch between September and October. If you want more on how to opt for them, consult the STEM Talent Girl website.

Summary of scholarships for girls seeking training in Women in ICT

The following table summarizes the scholarships and awards offered on a regular annual basis. You will see that some do not yet have defined dates to be able to request them. But we will update the data so that you know them in time. And we will let you make out the date of the last call. So that you have an idea of ​​when they usually open annually.

In the table, you will always see first the calls in force on the date of publication or update of this report. We will also add others that arise, even if they not explain in detail in the body of the word.

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