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Decathlon Indirapuram A Complete Information

Decathlon Indirapuram A Complete Information

Decathlon is a multinational sport retails company which work on the design, fabrication and distribution of sports equipment, gear as well as clothes with connection to sports. It stands out for providing a wide variety of its products which are categorized by sport thus making “it” the sporting center for both athletes and enthusiasts, all in one stop.

A Frenchman Michel Leclercq established Decathlon in Lille, France, back in 1976. This was the time the development began, and business has proved to be a phenomenal success ever since with stores opening in various countries worldwide. Decathlon is a company that plays unconventional business game; they produce and sell their products themselves by means of their own stores. In this way, they give majority access in the public to really superb quality sports equipment which are also very affordable. In india decathlon has many stores in this post we are going to give the information of Decathlon Indirapuram.

History of Decathlon

The formation stage of Decathlon dates back to the inspiration and enterprise of Michel Leclercq who eventually established and developed the great organization. Leclercq opened her first store in Lille under the name “Decathlon” in 1976. However, the term decathlon itself comes from the Olympic Games where a bunch of athletes compete against each other in an event containing 10 different disciplines.

The main idea of opening Decathlon was to set up a shop where consumers could buy sports items and wearable products consistently all jointly. Leclercq had the idea of offering a sports merchandise shopping option under one roof, where customers could find everything they need for whatever activities they chose, eliminating the need to go to specialty stores. This notion to help make sports a lot easier and more convenient for people no matter their age or^{ }physical fitness level forms part of our wider strategy.

It was the early years for Decathlon, and the first one for Leclercq who had to fight day and night to create and develop a brand name. In the early days, the organization mainly worked on cycling accessory and providing components. On the one hand, Leclercq grasped the great opportunity to launch own sportswear collection for other categories, which would let him appeal to a wider customer range.

Decathlon Indirapuram

Decathlon Indirapuram is one of the best-known decentralized sports platforms whose address is Plot No. 367, Indirapuram Habitat Centre IHC First 16, Ahinsa Khand I, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014. For this new shop that opened in the downtown area, their business objective is to supply high-quality products and services to provide to all sorts of consumer demand. What is beneficial about that tract is that putting it in place in Ghaziabad, one of the cities in Uttar Pradesh, will ease its way for locals and visitors. Quality products, ending with excellent customer service, are the motto of Decathlon IndiraPuram, giving it a place as the most visited shop in the area.

In 2016, Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd was started in Ahinsa Khand 1-indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Delhi and it is listed as one of the best sports dealers in Ghaziabad, Delhi. From being the spot for the majority of people living in Ghaziabad to also catering visitors from elsewhere in places like Delhi, this all-time favourite has cemented itself as a one-stop-shop for all its customers’ needs. This business has brought about a revolution in its type of industry being in the market for it. It is safe to say in that this particular business has managed to obtains a strong market position. Through assurance that the customer is satisfied as good as gravy, this institution has generated enormous customers base that keeps getting bigger every day.

Address Of Decathlon Indirapuram

At Decathlon indirapuram all the latest sportswear, trekking equipments,boots,shoes are available with lots of variety, location is very convenient ,staff is polite and helpful,product categories in all price ranges available , journeying items ,trek shoes are available,must visit at this store.

Working Hours Of Decathlon Indirapuram


In Conclusion, we explain the Decathlon, its history, and also, Decathlon Indirapuram  location and more.

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