Midatlantic Finance Company

They do not charge consumers for they services, and that recovered more than thirty million dollars for more than ten thousand clients. If a friend or a family member had so-so credit and tried to buy a car. Chances are they had to list references on their loan applications. Whether you know it or not, your name and phone number might have ended up on that list. That list might be in the hands of the Mid-Atlantic Finance Company. If a friend or a family member skipped payments on their car loan. You could be getting calls from the Mid-Atlantic Finance Company.

Fact About Midatlantic Finance CompanyFact About Midatlantic Finance Company

  • They stand based in Clearwater, Florida, with offices in Texas and Arizona.
  • It launched in 1989 and has 200 employees specializing in buying and servicing subprime automobile loans throughout the U.S.
  • Mid-Atlantic Finance Company could be harassing you or calling your cell phone.
  • They could be trying to pressure you to give them the car’s location. Providing a friend’s or family’s contact information, or maybe even making a payment.
  • If you’re getting these calls, Mid-Atlantic Finance Company could be violating the Telephone
  • Consumer Protection Act.

What is Midatlantic Finance Company?

The mid-Atlantic Fund is a private real estate investment firm. That raises capital from individuals, financial institutions and other fund structures. And invests it by lending to highly vetted industry-leading companies. The interest paid by borrowers remains used to make monthly distributions. The investor’s leadership team’s 50-plus years of combined real estate. And lending experience with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. Has taught us the recipe for success in this industry.

They knew it was time to adapt when they learned. Through innovation to bring common sense relationship-based lending into the future. Their mission was clear. The new mid-Atlantic was special when that developed an aligned interest lending model that was safe. Simple and profitable in the first year.

Since then, they have completed hundreds of full-cycle. Transactions totalling more than 100 million dollars without any loss of investor capital. Fund’s investment objective is to provide high current income while preserving shareholders’ money. To this end, Fund originate short-term project-based debt obligation in various real estate sectors. Are you thinking about retirement and looking for another way to generate monthly income to add. The security of real estate-based diversification to your portfolio? It’s time to consider the mid-Atlantic Fund You worked hard for your money.


Since 1989, Mid Atlantic Finance Company (MAF) has given over $5 billion in non-prime financial services to the non-prime automobile sector. Our main office is in Clearwater, Florida, and we also have service facility in Houston, Texas.