Site icon Information Technology Media How To Play Online Games is an online strategy that offers an exciting perspective on the subject. Instead of depicting graphic scenes of bloodshed, he takes a more abstract tactical approach. Become commander in chief and conquer.

The surrounding lands through constant military expansion. Find the right balance between stimulating the economy and recruiting new troops. Take over uncharted areas and raid other players’ domains in real-time.

How to Play

Customize username and colour in the main menu. Choose the type of match you want and select one of the available maps. The goal is to progressively occupy neighbouring territories by transferring soldiers to fight for them. The bar at the top represents the balance of the country.

Keep this number high to ensure good defence and generate interest income. Hire additional units by adjusting the percentage ruler with the plus and minus icons. But keep in mind that this removes the defensive budget. Strive to maintain optimum proportion and become a force to be reckoned with.

Cutting-edge strategy franchises are expensive and tend to be slow. is free, surprisingly attractive and fast. Launch it in any browser without installation. Assume the role of a warlord and strike fear into enemies’ hearts. Beginners Guide and Tips

Certainly, offers several maps, different game modes, and much more. Luckily, we’ve covered most of the essentials you need to know as a beginners. So, let’s get started immediately without trying to entice more of your precious time.

1. Gaming Modes

To begin with, offers two different game modes: a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, you must fight against bots and reach the difficulty levels. On the other hand, in multiplayer, you would fight against other real players, which is, of course, more fun to have.

However, if you are just a beginner, we recommend starting with the single-player mode. Play a few games, sit back and get a quick idea of how the game works.

Once familiar with all the basic stuff, you can try multiplayer. It will take some time, but once you master the single-player mode, it will be easier for you to compete with other players at the multiplayer level.

2. Select An Appropriate Map

Once you have decided which mod to continue with, the next thing that comes is choosing a map. now offers 14 different maps to choose from. Pick the one that seems easy enough to handle.

Remember that each map will feature different types of conditions and terrain. So you need to adjust your attack strategy accordingly. First, ensure the attack strategy best suits your play style and select a map that supports the specific class.

If you manage to handle this part successfully, the rest of the game becomes easier and more interesting for you. So make sure you select the card carefully. With all this done, you can now take your first steps in and start exploring the game slowly. The Art of War is an intense clash for dominance. The fate of entire nations is decided in minutes. And only the strongest will be able to survive and persevere. Newcomers who are still hesitant to join should consider the following features:

The resulting experience is simply exciting. It is suitable for together long-time fans of the niche and complete beginners. Tips & Tricks

Now that you know your style of play and have chosen a suitable card to start with, it’s time to take a look at some of the most beneficial tips and tricks. These tips will help you further as you progress through your journey and look to expand your territory.

1. Always Try to Obtain Bigger land Areas offers you two basic methods to expand your territory. You can raid the land or sail the sea to a random island to claim your right. However, since you are a beginner, you always prefer to attack a land instead of sailing the sea. This is not the fastest way to get more land early in the game.

Not only that but also look for larger content or territory instead of targeting a small island. Although it may seem more difficult, it should be your first preference. Targeting a larger area will help you expand your territory and establish a better balance within the empire.

2. Go for a Coastal Territory

As a beginner, your motivation should be not only to acquire more terrain but also to survive the heat of battle for the first few minutes. And what is better than choosing a coastal territory? If you find a large enough piece of land near the coast, consider it a prize. Since one of the flanks would be covered in water, you have less to worry about through a battle.

It will eventually work as a natural barrier, and you may have time to prepare for more attacks later. Once you can hold your own while surviving the first few minutes of the game, it’s only a matter of time before you can grow your kingdom at an exponential rate.

3. Cultivate Diplomatic Thinking and make a Truce

Of course, other players will notice your moves once you can sustain a massive cast for a short period of time and then keep it gradually increasing. If you are vulnerable to maintaining the stability of your territory, they may take over your environment with the help of attacking you.

Fortunately, Territorial.Io has a unique feature that allows you to keep the peace by maintaining a temporary truce with opposing kingdoms. Therefore, you must be very diplomatic and support special offers to maintain a ceasefire while strengthening your territory.

Keep in mind that everyone here has a single purpose: to collect as much land as possible. So if they feel they can take over your territory, they will reject your offers and attack you to take your land. Therefore, keep your balance and army well, and do not let them see your weaknesses until you are well organized.

4. Target the Real Players

As mentioned above, will pit you against the game’s real players and bots. That said, it always seems safer to use bots at first. However, this is not the case. Real players will always look for ways to target your lands whenever possible. So your first target should be the actual neighbouring player instead of a bot.

Wait for the perfect moment and take down the nearby territory first. Once you are done, you can slowly move forward and defeat the bots. Remember that the real players always have the real threat. Therefore, never give them a chance.

5. Participate in the Ongoing Attacks

In multiplayer mode, after spending some time, sooner or later, you will find that different players attack your neighbouring territories. Since it’s all about strategy, don’t miss out on a single chance. Whenever you spot an opening, join the attacks to benefit from some extra land in your territory.

But again, after you get your share, make sure you make amends and have a truce with the other birthday party. It’s just in case they don’t turn against you in the future. Take each step carefully, and you will be unstoppable from then on


Strategy games require a lot of thought because multiple paths lead to the same destination, and you must find the most effective one depending on the situation. If you are good at diplomatic and analytical thinking, this will help you on your journey.

Still, these were some of the basic steps he had to take to expand his territory and protect it from attack in all conditions. Let us know if you discovered any different tricks that helped you survive and grow in Territorial.Io.

Let us know if you discovered any different tricks that helped you survive and grow in Territorial.Io. And don’t forget to keep your eyes safe while playing video games by wearing a good pair of computer glasses“.

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