Web Hosting

The main distinction between WordPress and web hosting is the services they provide; thus, if you’re searching for a more generic service, web hosting may be for you.

1. SitegroundSiteground

One big pro about siteground is that it’s straightforward to set up. I even did a video about how you can set up a WordPress website using siteground in just four minutes. There are also one of three different hosting companies that remain recommended by WordPress and have very affordable pricing. Still, they are not the cheapest hosting company host singer siteground is exceptionally reliable. They have over 99.99 uptime, they have high-speed servers, and you get a free SSL certificate which allows your site to be more secure.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress hosting sites out there. It’s also  second of  three different hosting company that remain recommended by WordPress. They’re also one of the most trusted companies out there, bringing us to our first con with them, which is true about all different hosting platforms.

Still, they became popular and trusted because they were among the first to have an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where people talk about hosting companies in exchange for a kickback. When people sign up for that hosting company isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still, as someone using Bluehost for several years, their service has gotten much slower.

3. Godaddy

My recommendation does not use Godaddy no matter what. They’re okay for buying a domain name, but they’re not even the cheapest ones for purchasing a domain name. They spend a ton of money on advertising and how they can make that money back.

All the money they spend on advertising is by having higher prices in tricking people into buying a domain name and then adding on hosting and adding other features that you don’t necessarily do not go with Godaddy. They are overpriced and do not offer a high-quality website hosting service.

4. a2 hosting

It is one of the fastest hosting providers out there, meaning when people go to your website, it will load up extremely fast, but on the downside, they have poor uptime. Uptime means how often people can visit your site now, keep in mind that no hosting company has a 100 uptime, but most of them have 99.99 uptime, meaning just about any time someone tries to visit your website.

They’re going to be able to go there, but a2 hosting has one of the lowest uptime percentages out there, and they got hacked a few years ago. From what I’ve heard, it seems like they still haven’t fully recovered from some of that hack, so be careful with a2 hosting, but it still has like 99.96 uptime, and it’s a high-speed hosting provider.

5. Hostgator

Hostgator is another prevalent hosting platform out there. Now Hostgator is owned by the same company like Bluehost, but WordPress recommends Bluehost, so in my opinion, there’s not a big difference between these two. Sometimes HostGator’s a little cheaper, and Bluehost is a little more affordable.

6. Wp Engine

Wp Engine is fast, reliable, and probably the best hosting company out there, but as a con, it’s ten times the price of every other hosting company. So I would not personally recommend this hosting company to most people. Still, if you have a website that needs high up time that needs to be the fastest possible, this could be a good option, but most other hosting companies have higher plans that are just as good as a wp engine for a fraction of the price.

Some Cons For Siteground

The first con is that even though it’s affordable, it’s still mid-tier pricing. As I mentioned, some hosting companies are cheaper. Another scam with siteground is that there are plan limits if you’re planning to host tons of videos on your website or massive images. Many pictures of that siteground might not be the best option for you though they do have gigabytes and gigabytes of storage for 99 of the people out there. It should be plenty of storage.


People are frequently perplexed and ask if they require web hosting for a WordPress site. However, WordPress hosting is the best option if you want a personalized solution geared toward WordPress performance. WordPress.org necessitates web hosting, whereas WordPress.com is hosted option, in nutshell. There are two type of WordPress: WordPress.org and WordPress.com.