Advertisement: A tool used to promote a product, a message, a campaign, or a person, among other things, is advertising.

Depending on the parameters previously agreed in the advertising campaign, said advertisement can be displayed digitally or physically, visually, auditorily, or audiovisually. However, the goal of any ad is to encourage consumption, promote an idea, or support a campaign by employing pleasant and appropriate language, considering the target audience, striking or representative colours, and, in some cases, images or illustrations that support the message exposed in the advertisement.

The importance of advertisements is that the desired message can be transmitted, received, and generate a specific incentive regarding the product, idea, or campaign in question. Due to this, companies can rely on advertisements to create positive sensations in the consumer and make them interested in acquiring the products offered by the organization.

Characteristics of Advertisements

The main characteristics of the advertisement are listed below:

They can express a message, idea, product, campaign, etc.

it promote the consumption of products, the belief in a statement, or support for a specific campaign.

are a tool used by companies to boost their sales.

They employ various strategies, each one aimed at certain variables.

Its recipients are consumers and the general public.

They have messages, images, videos, etc.

They promote the recognition of a product and a brand in general.

It can be represented by digital or physical means, through radio, television, pamphlets, and billboards.

They have striking elements, such as colours, music, messages, places, etc.

Types of Advertisements

The main types of advertisement are listed below:

Announcement broadcast by radio: one that uses the radio medium to carry out the process of transmitting it. When using this resource, individuals in charge of creating the ad should only use a message that can told by the announcers or make audio that represents all of the information sought by the firm; the ad should not contain graphics because they can only hear, not seen.

Advertisement distribute over the Internet uses digital media to carry out the sharing procedure. This medium encompasses a variety of locations in which the ad can execute, such as a third-party website, a digital platform, emails, apps, and programmes, among others. The Internet supports this notification to facilitate its dissemination and engagement. The public and customers will be able to interact with a given advertisement with only one click, thanks to digital media; moreover, the issuing firm will be able to employ photos, music, and videos, which will increase the attractiveness of advertising.

Advertisement transmitted through television: one that uses the television media to carry out the process of sharing it. In this medium, the company establishes a pattern with a television channel or company so that it broadcasts the ad in its programming. The advertisements designed for television have audiovisual content. The message to express is specified as a discount, a new product, an alliance, or a new brand.

Physical announcement: one that uses physical means to carry out its transmission. The advertisements made by physical means usually frame in pamphlets, billboards on the street, posters, speakers, LED screens, etc. These advertisements typical display in places with crowds of people, such as restaurants, shopping centres, bus stops, cinemas, hospitals, on the street, etc. Physical advertisements, in turn, make use of visual, auditory, or audiovisual media.

Examples of Advertisement

Here are some examples of advertisements:

  • Advertising poster.
  • Advertisement on a blog.
  • Promotion on the LED screen at the bus stop.
  • Advertising guidelines with television.
  • Commercial in a game.
  • Advertisement sent via email.
  • Advertising video in a restaurant.
  • Propaganda transmits through an online sports broadcast.

More about Advertisement

An announcement call a type of publication that tries to inform about a particular situation so that the public can take action on it. Ads broadcast with any number of intents and place in places where many people can see them. Thus, it can publish in mass media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Lately, with the rise of digital trends, the Internet is one more medium where it is usual to advertise. In most cases, the space that an advertisement uses charges in such a way as to guarantee an income to the transferor. However, some variants guarantee the publication of ads for free, especially on the Internet. Ads can cover a broad spectrum of topics and for various purposes. Thus, it is possible to refer to advertisements from the advertising point of view, advertisements requiring an offer of employment, promotions of a governmental nature, etc.

The purpose of advertisements is to increase the flow of sales, and they do so by publishing the benefits of a product or service; You can use various channels, but they will always be those that guarantee that many people will see it, or better yet, people who may become interested in the product. That is why advertisers will be willing to pay a more significant amount of money in those places that guarantee a more considerable diffusion.

It  also possible to refer to classified ads. These ads use by people trying to make a one-off business transaction and who not particularly interested in promoting a specific good or service systematically. In these cases, goods or services offer without consider a habitual way of life without this circumstance. This means that classified ads can sell an item without highlighting its qualities, but they can also require it.


Finally, reference can made to the notices maintained by the public sector as a result of current government acts. Indeed, on some occasions, given government interest in creating a specific policy known to generate some benefit for the population. In this sense, references can make to particular vaccination campaigns. A new credit program, an increase in a social allowance, etc.

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