Salesforce: Maintaining a good relationship with customers is essential for the proper functioning of a business, and that is what Salesforce takes care of. It is one of the leading CRM and Cloud Computing solutions on the market that you can use intuitively to get more sales and more information about the users of your project. But what exactly is Salesforce, and why does it benefit you? Here we tell you.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM, that is, a customer relationship management software. Its most important feature is that it is based on the cloud, from where it provides relevant data on organization, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and customer service.

Its objective is to provide a unified view of users on a single platform through B2B and B2C modalities. This means that it is directed both from companies to companies and from companies to final consumers.

What are the features of Salesforce?

Salesforce is a tool that changes business philosophy to express your ideas when it comes to customer relationships. Its premise is that the most effective thing is to treat the client in a personalized way, face to face, and make them see that you are specifically interested in them and not in a group of individuals.

Taking this as a base, it also integrates the following features:

cloud system

As we already mentioned, one of the main features of Salesforce is that it is in the cloud. Since you do not need to buy storage equipment or make backup copies, all the files are hosted on a secure server that you can access in seconds with great ease and security.

Salesforce offers you a suite of customizable and adaptable online solutions for your entire company.

data centralization

Salesforce provides new information and updates it constantly and very accurately. In addition, you can access data linked to your company, sales, or customers. This will allow you to understand the needs of your users better and keep track of all active processes.

You will also be able to connect Salesforce to other internal and external applications and have them fully integrated into your CRM platform.

work visibility

It allows working together with all the company departments, regardless of the field to which they are dedicated. For example, it is possible to monitor sales activities, artificial intelligence, and marketing.

Salesforce Modules

Within the Salesforce CRM, you will find various individual tools, but at the same time, they interconnect with each other to favour your company. They will help you achieve sales and marketing goals much more effectively and in the shortest possible time.

what is the sales force

The platform modules are the following:

Customer 360

An efficient tool to offer personalized services that connect the consumer with the company while improving communication. It serves to unify the analysis and results obtained from Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, which are other platform modules we will describe later.

Sales Cloud

It is a tool dedicated to tracking sales that analyze the initial contact to the deal’s closing. Gives access to customers, potential customers, loyal customers, etc. It even has a social network for collaborators, which significantly facilitates interaction.

Service Cloud

It is a very effective software for companies that offer services instead of products and want to satisfy their customers. Within this program, several modules optimize relationships with consumers and make them more comfortable with what you sell.

Marketing Cloud

An efficient platform for the automation of marketing and advertising campaigns. Reaching the next customers will be much easier if it is linked with the sales management program. You will also come across email marketing and B2B business tools within this software.

On the other hand, it will be helpful to simplify leads, manage them intelligently and present detailed reports.

Commerce Cloud

Its main objective is to allow buyers to be contacted through any digital channel, and that is why it is the most used Salesforce tool. It is a complete solution for managing an online business, and it helps you gain a presence in the market very quickly.

Platform Cloud

Finally, this Salesforce module allows you to quickly, easily, securely manage, run, and build applications in the cloud. These apps are used to contact customers in the way you need.

Why choose Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the most potent CRMs on the market and will help you go further with your customers. In a previous commentary, we talked about the advantages of Salesforce and why it is an excellent alternative to optimize your business relationships with your consumers and build loyalty.

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