Is pizza good for dinner tonight? There is a high chance that your answer is going to be solid “yes.” Do you know what sounds better than just pizza, though? No matter who you are or where you are from, enjoy pizza with delicious papa pairings. Do not worry to unsure where to start or overwhelmed by all the tasty choices. This article will help you make a confident decision before dinner tonight.

Papadias and Chicken Poppers

No matter what kind of sides you and your companions are in the mood for, one of the best places to begin your dinner journey is by checking out the flavorful mix and match deals that Papa John’s often offers online. These can be particularly great if you have a household full of various tastes. Ordering something such as papadias mixed with chicken poppers alongside your pizza can be a crowdpleaser for everyone.

Breadsticks and Desserts

Another smart place to look when considering dinner options is your kitchen drawer full of pizza coupons and other offers that you too often probably forget to use. If you cannot choose between sweet and savory but you are not in the mood for meat, another side option to try is a combination of breadsticks and desserts. With several choices in each category, Papa John’s can satisfy both of these tastes as well.

Brownies and Cheesesticks with a Medium Pepperoni Pizza

With breadsticks and desserts in mind, one popular combo to try is a medium pepperoni pizza mixed with some brownies and cheese sticks. Although there are other pizzas, desserts and breadsticks to choose from, sometimes sticking with the classics is the preferred choice. If you want to change things up, try one of the spicy dip varieties.

Medium Pineapple Pizza With Garlic Knots and Original Breadsticks

Another tasty pizza and bread combo is a little more fruity and involves garlic. If you love pineapple on your pizza, then look no further than the pineapple pizza and garlic knot combination that also includes a side of original Papa John’s breadsticks. With this menu selection, you can have a wide variety of tastes to enjoy that offer a delicious balance of flavors.

Mix and Match All the different options.

Why not just order a little bit of everything? If you are feeding large group of people. You may not know where to start with so many options to choose from. By doing this, you can mix and match all the different options while giving everyone the opportunity to try different items.

Add Your Own Touch

If you are hosting a party and need to order football pizza delivery or something similar, another idea to consider is including your own touch of snacking foods while you wait. For example, you might bake some cookies, offer some fruit or think of another type of pizza “appetizer” that your guests can enjoy.

With so many Papa Pizza pairing ideas to consider, it is unlikely that you will not be able to decide on something delicious. Use these suggestions to help inspire your tastebuds.