Instagram Survey

Instagram Survey: Have you ever considered how much time you spend on Instagram? Consistent posting is a terrific strategy to acquire exposure, but your material and formats must be adaptable.

More than 400 million users post stories every day on Instagram; It is a popular format because a message is a broadcast and significant interaction with the community takes place in a few seconds.

One of the contents that can serve you the most in your stories due to their functionality is surveys. Here we will tell you what they consist of, and we will give you some ideas to generate your own Instagram surveys to promote your brand.

What are Instagram polls

Instagram polls are an original way to interact with a community on this social network. In them, creativity is used to connect with people through stories in which a type of question or poll is asked in an image or video to generate a reaction or comments.

Although the format is simple, it connects with people willing to engage with other people or brands.

What are Instagram polls for

These questions for Instagram humanize a brand, generating emotions that create bonds with the community. In addition, curiosity is aroused, the impulse to be part of something and assert an opinion

Surveys help you develop different content quickly. They generate engagement or interactions and a positive perception of the brand. Another essential function is the active listening of your audience. There are prospects, clients, and ambassadors, with which you can get to know your community a little more and make better decisions.

This type of content encourages interaction because it is dynamic, which helps to gain visibility and reach.

You can also use surveys to drive web traffic, showcase products, promote launches, advertise services, and more because questions on Instagram are flexible.

1. Open Question Instagram Poll

This type of question leaves the space to be answered freely; it helps interact with an audience. In the example, a mobility and transportation company asks what they usually listen to when travelling.

In this type of survey, try to find a topic relevant to your community that connects with your brand to make sense.

2. Four Choice Instagram Poll

This is one of the most used surveys on Instagram due to its versatility since it adapts to any brand or situation. It is a format that motivates people to participate because it is straightforward to answer.

In the example, a language school uses the survey to encourage interaction with a community interested in learning English.

3. Instagram Survey to Promote Service

Instagram polls can be used as a hook or a magnet to attract attention and promote a service. In this example, a creative agency is not as interested in the answer (it seems logical to think that the first option is the one that the majority will choose) as in piquing the curiosity of the people who see the poll in the story.

The next step will be for those who go beyond answering the survey and seek information about the services that said the agency could offer.

4. Instagram Survey for Engagement

In this case, the survey is just a pretext to generate engagement with the audience because the answers represent the same action. With this content, Coca-Cola seeks to announce its presence in the popular video game Fortnite.

5. Product Instagram

This type of survey is helpful for brands with a diversity of products, as in this case, where we talk about the different flavours of drinks. By asking the community which one they prefer, the brand achieves two things simultaneously: on the one hand, promoting its products and, on the other, knowing more about its audience in terms of its tastes.

Knowing more about the audience helps drive action based on their feedback. For example, this brand of soft drinks will be able to know which is the best-positioned flavour among people and could guide its communication with the image of said flavour.

6. Two Choice Instagram Poll

The dynamic of choosing between these is pervasive, so this survey is quite functional. Just think of a question where there are two options and let the community be the one to provide their opinion.

These types of surveys are fast, and it is very likely that people, seeing only two alternatives, will give their answers.

7. Instagram Favorites Poll

However, The favourites survey is a great way to determine which of your products, brands, services, areas, or teams are better positioned in people’s minds. These surveys encourage engagement and let marketing, service, or sales teams know what users prefer and take action based on response rates.

In this example, it could be that one of the desserts does not receive votes, and if other polls corroborate this, the brand could generate specific actions.

8. Visibility Instagram

A poll is a great mechanism to gain visibility on Instagram. You have to find a topic on the rise. And also, get on that trend so that the community talking. About that topic can see you and interact with your question.

In this case, We have an instance of a brand that took a viral event. To ask a simple and compelling question.

9. Creative Instagram

If the surveys are creative and well thought out, they will better connect with the audience. In this case, a brand of containers and kitchen accessories takes up a celebration. To create a survey. Whose response options are not to think but to interact with a creative copy.

10. Comparison of Instagram

Making comparisons is a good idea for your surveys, as you can see with El Corte Ingles. Which takes two different types of mirrors and puts them to combat people’s preferences.

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