Pre Paymanager portal helps to prepare payments for the non-public of Rajasthan who will pay the payments in a cleaner way using Paymanger portal. Paymanager Rajasthan software also provides the power of arrears and bonuses.

Arrears and DA (Dearness Allowance) license collection. However, the Rajasthan Prepaid Manager website was launched for the non-public of Rajasthan through the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

In today’s article, we will help you provide information about the PRI PayManager portal. Check for full features and payment status information for payroll, license, pension details, loan, etc. Moreover all facilities available on this portal are for state government employees only. Information on how state employees can benefit from the paymanager portal is open later in this article, so keep reading.

Paymanager Portal 2022

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So they can more easily pay their bills through the Paymanger portal. Paymanager Rajasthan software also provides the option of DA (Dearness Allowance) arrears, allowances, arrears and bills collection.

The Pre-PayManager Rajasthan website was launched for Rajasthan employees by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Rajasthan. His other name is PRI Paymanager, and the workflow is the same, but we can call it a different name for the Paymanager portal.

Detailed information about Pre Paymanager

  • Portal (PRI) Salary Manager
  • State Rajasthan
  • Launched by Rajasthan State Government
  • Department Finance Department
  • Objective To provide online services to state government employees
  • Beneficiary-only state government employees
  • Official website

Pre Paymanager 2022-23

Rajasthan government has recently launched PRI Paymanager portal under Panchayati Raj for employees. This portal is maintained by  NIC (National Computing Center). It is a pay stub preparation system designed for all Rajasthan state government employees and to show all the details about the payment of people who work under the government.

This platform enables a popular and non-discriminatory way of making transactions transparent. Many services include payslips, holidays, retirement details, loans, etc. They are available on this portal for state government employees, and it is also available. A. Rajasthan DDO, Bank Employee Salary Receipt Information. Apart from this, all government employees working in Rajasthan also get a salary.

Services Available On Pre Paymanager Rajasthan

Under it, we have mentioned all the services provided by the PRE Paymanager portal;

  • Helps in making bills
  • Employee Salary Slip (Monthly)
  • PDF and file digitally signed by the bank
  • employee’s medical bills
  • HOD/Dy HOD Login
  • bank registration

Paymanager is a pay challan generation system for Rajasthan government employees. Provides a common, unified platforms for invoicing payments to employees. The software does not only provide him with facilities. A. Billing payments, but also for l. A. Preparation of overdue DA invoices, premiums, arrears and license disbursements.

Pre Paymanager Employee Login

In a fast-paced world like today, everyone is looking for easier options, allowing for faster and more efficient processes. One of the areas where digitization has worked well is in payments. Moreover almost everyone prefers online payments, and many state governments have even launched official websites suitable for payment purposes.

Just like the government of Rajasthan. This Rajasthan Government PayManager portal is also a portal for online payments. All Rajasthan government employees can get invoice details. In addition, these employees can obtain details of the premium, collection invoices, arrears of DA, etc.

Users must have a username and password to access these invoices. However through the PayManager portal, the government keeps track of pay stubs and other documents.

Pre Paymanager


  • Go to the PayManager website.
  • You will treasure the For DDO/Employee Login link on the home page.
  • You need to click on it and fill in your ID and password when the next page appears.
  • Then after completing the captcha code, submit the page.
  • Now you must first-rate between DDO and Employee, whichever works for you.
  • Then finally, click on the link paymanager.raj.nic to log in to 2021.

If You Don’t Remember Password

Often, for so many passwords we have created and used, the required passwords escape us. This can also happen when you log into the PayManager site, and in case you get stuck there, you can easily recover the password.

Visit the Forgot Password link, then provide your date of birth, employee number, mobile number, and bank details. Then submit to verify your contact. Once done, you will get a link to create a new password. After making it, you can log in successfully and save the password.

Bank Registration On Paymanager

You have read the steps to log in as an employee. Many types of users are present in the portal: clerks, bankers, department heads, etc. Therefore, the portal presents an open platform for all these users to register and log in. Here you can read how to write regarding the bank.

  • Go to the website.
  • Look for the Bank Register link.
  • When the page appears, you need to provide details such as DDO.
  • Now, choose the bank as an option.
  • Provide your code, and then select a username.
  • After this, fill in the contact and communication details.
  • Finally, set a password that is strong and that you can remember.
  • In the end, you can check and then complete the process.

After this, it will be easier for you to log in. You can directly visit paymanager.Raj.Nic.In 2021 login option. Fill in the credentials you set up, and then continue.

Department Head Registration

After the Bank registration comes to the Department registration, follow the steps below to do it successfully.

  1. After visiting the website, you will find the HOD registration option below the login button.
  2. Clicking on that option will take you to fill in the IFMS details.
  3. Then, provide the personal data that the empty spaces require.
  4. After completing this, you will receive an OTP, which you need to re-enter.
  5. Now, you have to go to the ActiveXDownload option and get ready to download the software.
  6. Moreover you need to install this software and follow the steps to download the required certificate.

To log in as a department head, start by accessing the login option on the page. However on the Los Angeles page, provide a username and password. After entering the captcha code, you must select the HOD/Sub HOD alternative and submit the form.

Who Can log in To Paymanager?

There are several government-issued ways to log into this portal. Employees can log in from Los Angeles respectively, depending on their category.

Here we are successfully telling you about each form’s login method.

1 DDO Login:

To generate salary invoices, develop AD, license fees, pension invoices, PVC invoices, ransom invoices and many more, the connection is made through DD&.

DDO can also be an employee who has both an employee ID and a DDO login user ID

2 HOD Login

Also called service connection.

The department manager can check the salary information of his employees after logging in.

The head of the department may know that these employees are having trouble getting a salary.

3 Bank Login

However to send the salary receipt and pay the salary to the employee’s Los Angeles account, the bank can free download the pdf of these salaries and spend l. A. Authority Information.

4 Employee Login

The department has provided this facility to the employees by logging in with their user ID password to view the monthly salary they receive, check the comprehensive tax list, and other sports-related facilities and information they can view through the portal. Anytime.


Pre paymanager portal eases the payments and make the users working on the website even more comfortable. The major issues of processing the payments that are facing by he users is covered. The security on the prepay portal is very immense which makes a safer transfer. The login method is so easy and also effective with its range.