Snapchat Username

Snapchat Username: with over 22 million downloads by March 2020, Snapchat is the most popular social media app. it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. We’ll show you how to change your Snapchat username in a flash in this post.

The app focuses on sharing photos and messaging, and we can share stories for 24 hours. Snapchat is a privacy-focused app that allows users to keep Photos and Snap-on’s “MY Eyes” settings.

Snapchat is very popular among users, especially young people, and even teenagers under the age of 16 are barred from this app for safety reasons. We can create a unique username on Snapchat when creating an account, but it’s challenging to change the name afterward.

Change your Snapchat Username with these Simple Methods

If you’re not overly interested in some of the more invasive procedures of changing your username that appear below, you can follow the simple path to change your display name.

Open the Snapchat app, go to the My Profile option, and tap on the gear icon.

This will open the options in the My Account section.

Tape the name in this My Account section. A dialog will materialize, allowing you to enter a new display name.

Type in your new updated display name and select the Save option.

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How to Change Snapchat

It is one of the best tricks that can solve the problem of a Snapchat user changing their username by setting a custom display name, but the actual username will not be changed. The custom name is a name that will be visible to users’ contacts or friends.

The few steps that require to be followed for setting a custom display name and knowing how to change a Snapchat username are as follows:

  1. Open the Snapchat app, log into your account, and click the Ghost or Snapchat icon available in the left corner of your phone screen.
  2. Then in the left corner of the screen, you will locate the GEAR button and then go to the Settings.
  3. There will be many options related to the display name settings in the Settings option. Your username will appear on the screen, and nothing will be changed when you click on it.
  4. There is an icon next to the username icon, allowing the user to share their username with contacts in various apps
  5. When we scroll down, there is a Name option, and by tapping the icon, we will be able to change our first and last name or the name we want to display. By filling in the name details and clicking the button
  6. Save, the specific changes will made to the username and will in the view to friends or contacts.

We have the option not to enter the surname.

2. How to Change Snapchat with Email

This is where you need to use an alternate Snapchat account created with a different email address to change your Snapchat username. Follow the steps below to study how to change your username on Snapchat.

First, log in to your Snapchat Account.

  1. Now go to the settings and locate the disconnection by scrolling down.
  2. Tap disconnect.
  3. Now select the signup option and enter the required details but use a different email address than the one with the current Snapchat account.
  4. Now go to your side view and tap on the add friends option.
  5. Then, wait a few moments after tapping the Continue button.
  6. Click the OK button and enable Snapchat so that Snapchat can access your contacts.
  7. Log into your previous Snapchat account and go to their profile.
  8. Tap My friends and select the users, then their username will appear on the popup screen.
  9. Add remaining friends.
  10. Now, log into your new account again, add different versions or add your username.
  11. Once you done correcting these necessary changes, you can permanently delete the old account.

Finally Snapchat

There is a possible way to help the user change their username. We can finally conclude that these are the best and only alternatives available for the user will choose to alter their Snapchat username. Above, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide or direction that will help the user set the new username. That’s it with this article. Thanks for reading techienity.

The Snapchat app for Android and iOS does not offer users an option to delete their Snapchat accounts. However, deleting the account can cause data loss. This is the most likely reason the user searches for terms like “how to delete Snapchat,” “how to change Snapchat username,” etc. Since we do not provide illegal material, we have listed the legal way to change your username. So, think twice before implementing the methods.

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