lumigo series redline capitallardinoistechcrunch. A native program monitoring and debugging platforms. Nube today announced it had raised $29 million in series funding led by redline capital. Wing venture capital and vertex ventures, along with existing investors meron capital, pitanga first, and grove ventures, also participated in this round, bringing the company’s overall funding to $38 million since its launch in april. 2019.

The company started focusing on distributed tracing for serverless platforms such as AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda. But as the team announced today, it is expanding its SaaS carrier to cover containers and virtual machines.

Using the company’s platform, companies can easily visualize every transaction in their network to understand how data flows between services. Then quickly diagnose issues when it’s not. In addition, it offers a paid SaaS carrier (including a free tier) and a free command-line tool to analyze and tune AWS Lambda and Kinesis-based services.

What is series redline capital?

series redline capital


In November last year, Frederic wrote about Lumigon’s $29 million Series A led by Redline Capital. The company builds a local software monitoring and debugging platform in the cloud and has raised $38 million since launching in 2019.

Inside the newest installment in my Pitch Deck Teardown series, I’m more than excited to share the deck he used when he raised his a-series last year. We’ll take a look at the whole game, break down the three things I like and could be improved, and discuss other highlights Founders can learn when raising a Series in the current fundraising climate.

Series Redline Capitallardinoistechcrunch

series redline

Series C is managed by Redline Capital, with the involvement of former VCs MMC Ventures, GMG Ventures (an investment company linked to Guardian Media Group), and Hearst Ventures. The startup.

Which has now raised around $43 million, isn’t disclosing its valuation. But CEO and founder David Benigson said it was “significantly higher” than before (it last raised $16 million). Of thousands of greenbacks a year ago). After increasing its revenue by more than a hundred percent each year for the last two.

The presence of not one but two investors linked to the media within it. Ronda recalls the roots of Startup: Signal use to be called Signal Media and work primarily around media monitoring in the more traditional sense: tracking and how companies were mention in the Los Angeles press.

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29m series redline capitallardinoistechcrunch

series redline 2

Lumigo, a cloud-native package monitoring and debugging platform. Today announced that it had raised $29 million in Series A funding led by Redline Capital. Wing Venture Capital and Vertex Ventures US and existing investors Meron Capital, Pitango First, and Grove Ventures also participated in this round. Bringing overall company funding to $38 million since its launch in 2019.

The company started focusing on distributed tracing for serverless platforms such as AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda. But as the team announced today, they are expanding their SaaS service to cover containers and virtual machines.

lumigo series redline capitallardinoistechcrunch

Most other observability platforms just add serverless functionality to legacy products, said Lumigo CEO Erez Berkner. Lumigon was intend from the ground up for cloud-native environments, allowing us to provide deep monitoring.

They distributed tracing and debugging capabilities suitable for modern cloud technology and extend to containers and Kubernetes in a way that adapts to the way native applications of the cloud are design and operate.


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