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Secure Apps: Security breaches in the digital world have increased in recent years as the usage of mobile devices and the creation of applications have grown. In this new piece on the ABAMobile blog, we’ll discuss the significance of app security. It is not to be missed!

The rate at which we use mobile devices and develop applications increases every year, especially in the world of work, where the full potential of these tools to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication is being seen.

Nowadays, business mobility plays a fundamental role for many companies since it helps to be connected at any time and place with what happens in the office and maintain communication with the work team.

The Secure Apps:

But, we have to bear in mind that not everything that surrounds technology is good and that in recent years, processor and cybersecurity attacks have increased.

In addition, it has been exposed that the most vulnerable companies to suffer these attacks are small and medium-sized due to the limited resources they have to develop good computer security.

Today’s companies have to be aware of the importance of investing in security in mobile applications just as they invest in their development. As a result, the data of clientele, suppliers, collaborators, and the company, in general, will be more protected, which will provide confidence and security.

How can I make Secure Apps?

Secure Apps: The inertia of believing that cybersecurity is reserved for big businesses or that they will never be attacked. Of this type. For this reason, awareness and guidance are essential to knowing the importance of developing secure tools, platforms, and systems that avoid breaches or failures that expose responsive data.

Mobile device and application permit us to carry out countless task, store large amount of information and make our day-to-day life easier by having everything at our fingertip with just one click. putting the most compromise data of many companies at risk. Over years, attacks and cyber threat have increase,

For this reason, in today’s article, we will comment on some recommendations and tips for security in mobile applications to be prepared to face any cyber attack.

Security Tips for Mobile Applications

As we said before, we know all the benefits and advantages of mobile phone applications and devices. But, in addition, we are well aware of the dangers we run with the tools and information.

Due to the importance of cybersecurity today, we will see some Secure Apps security tips below.

Update Operating Systems

Updating the operating systems is a fundamental aspect of maintaining the security of the Secure Apps. In addition, these updates propose improvements in different areas such as accessibility, design, usability, or security itself.

Not keeping a company’s mobile devices up to date can trigger a security breach in the applications and therefore be more vulnerable to computer attacks.

Analysis of the Network Right of Entry by Mobile Devices

Another critical point is to know the networks that enterprise mobile devices access. This means it is possible to know if there is a failure in the security of said networks and thus anticipates possible attacks or theft of information, protecting sensitive corporate data.

Develop MDM Systems for Secure and Unified Management

Nowadays, mobile device management systems are one of the solutions carried out in companies to unify and have control of portable devices. MDM or Mobile Device Management systems permit you to manage and guarantee the security of mobile devices.

Request Credentials Before Displaying Sensitive Information

Vulnerable and vital information of commerce has to protect. To do this, requesting credentials or passwords is a good suggestion to have a secure application. In this way, we can ensure that whoever accesses sensitive business information is a person with permission to access it.

Hire Cybersecurity Professionals

A team of cybersecurity professionals will ensure that the developed applications are safe and the data  protect against any possible attack. Also, do not forget to carry out the necessary tests to verify that everything works correctly and there are no security breaches that could compromise essential company data and information.

Inform users about the Significance of Protecting Data and Cybersecurity

Another of the application security tips is related to users. Training is essential for people to understand the importance of protecting corporate and personal data and information. In this way, we managed to raise awareness of the importance of security in the digital age in which we live.

The Importance of Security Testing in Mobile Apps

We constantly spend a great deal of time on our mobile devices, whether for work, accessing the internet, or communicating with others. This has become an extension of our personal life. So much so that we handle sensitive information, such as personal data and medical history. And passwords, among others. However, it is enough for average users to set up a phone lock-in security. Not knowing that such sensitive data could expose to theft.

The security tests seek to validate the application’s resistance to attacks by malicious users and validate. Those developers apply security practices when programming.

It would assist if you had a solid base strategy to apply security tests in a mobile application. If this is not well define, the work done will not be enough, or it could have gaps that ignore.

The Following some Essential Guidelines that can taken into Account for the Testing Strategy:

  1. Know the environment: Know on which platforms the application is going to operate; in this way, the next step will be to understand the vectors that the attacker could use in said OS
  2. Create a list of vulnerabilities: The risk of vulnerabilities varies from one application to another. So there are specific guidelines to consider weight and scale during testing. In this way, the riskiest ones cover before the application is release.
  3. Delve into multiple lines of defence: Use different testing tools, including static, dynamic, and forensic analysis. Which are correctly applly together can find how an attacker can use them.
  4. Carrying out the tests thinking about how an attacker would do them Hacking. The applications themselves offers a panorama where the points an attacker could violate underst.

Approaches to Test Analysis:

  • Static tests: They do not require the execution of the code. You can review the code and the documentation to follow the flow of the application.
  • Dynamic Tests: They require execution of the code. Due to its nature, it is possible to measure the application’s behaviour more accurately. Additional techniques such as black box and white box use more widely.
  • Forensic tests: Analyze artifacts left behind along the way after an application has execute. For example, credentials stored in configuration files or local databases.


it is essential to have an appropriate testing strategy to cover everything related to security and provide. The user with that feeling of trust that they need. Always thinking about how an attacker could exploit an application. In addition. It is vital to recommend measures to users that they must consider since. The other part of security corresponds to them. The app may be highly stable and secure. But the last line of defence is, and always will be, the user.

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