Roblox discordlikehatmakertechcrunch outlined a vision for the upcoming of its busy social gaming platform Friday, incrementally ushering its community into a new era in that strength does not always resemble what’s come before.

At RDC, their annual developer event. The company introduced new features designed to improve the. Platform, with a focus on l growth. Platforms to offer more sophisticated experiences to age groups beyond.

A crowd of underthirteeners who have long been their pain and their butter. In the future, Roblox will implement age guidelines to draw clear lines between content appropriate for all users, those over the age of nine or just those over the age of thirteen.

Some new experiences, such as interactive video ads and portals that take the user into a brand experience, will be limited to the older age group. Other new features, such as proximity-based voice chat, are also close to children under thirteen for safety reasons.

The company previously announced an age verification system that would enable experiences aim at older audiences. The company says experiences designed for users over thirty could include moderate violence and realistic gore, while games aimed at younger users are limited. “Mild” violence.

How do you link Roblox to Discord?

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Roblox discordlikehatmakertechcrunch is using mergers and acquisitions to bolster its social infrastructure, announcing Monday morning that they’ve acquired the Guilde team that built a chat platform for competitive gamers.

The service competes with gaming chat giant Discord, and the team’s founders have told TechCrunch in the past that since Discord’s ambitions have gone beyond the gaming world, its core product caters to less competitive gaming needs.

Like Discord, users can have text and voice conversations on the Guilded platform. Still, Guilded has also allowed users to organize communities around events and calendars, with many specific features designe to ensure that things run smoothly. Tournaments.

The startup’s product supports hundreds of games, with specific features for a handful of titles, including League of Legends, Fortnite, CS: GO, and roblox discordlikehatmakertechcrunch. Earlier this year, the company released a bot API designe to help non-strategic users create bots that can enrich their gaming communities.

Roblox Discordlikehatmakertechcrunch


As Roblox looks to what could be a historic debut in the public markets in the coming months, investors who have valued. The $29.5 billion company is undoubtedly eyeing the young, dedicated user base. The gaming company. But those are the 7 million active creators and developers on Roblox. The platform that probably impresses them the most.

Since 2015, Roblox has been running an acceleration program to enable the. Next generation of game developers to succeed on its platform. Over the years, the program has grown from one age group to three, each with the Participation of about forty developers. This means over 100 developers work directly with Roblox a year for mentorship, education, and funding opportunities to launch their games.

Full time. Having lived through the experience himself, Hunter brought to the program an understanding of how Accelerator could improve from a developer perspective.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has dismantled the company’s plans to run the show. Instead of being able to invite developers to spend three months participating in courses hosted at the Roblox office in San Mateo. Company had to reorganize the program for remote Participation.

Voice Chat Is Coming To Roblox

Coming To Roblox

As one of the pioneers in the heading production of the metaverse, Roblox thinks about what virtual worlds need. And while the platform hasn’t been short of growth on its natural path (as of July. It had 47 million daily active users), it’s looking to chart the course. Pathway to more profound, richer virtual knowledge that will keep people coming back for ages to come…Coming years.

To that end. Roblox takes wary but decisive steps to integrate voice chat into the core experience. A platform. The first step: inviting a group of trusted creators to explore. How they can incorporate proximity-base audio into the hugely popular experiences that beat at the heart of the platform. From relaxing games with vaporwave vibes to kickflips on a Vans-sponsored skateboard.

With spatial voice, workers can talk to others nearby thru live voice chat. Roblox sees its new voice product as a plant-based extension of how text chat currently works. Instead of the text bubbles appearing on it. A. Avatar head, visible to everyone around them, players can speak naturally with other people they communicate with. Meet up with.

Discord Stage Discoveryhatmakertechcrunch

Discord Stage

If you’re new to Discord, you might be put off by  lack of an endless stream strewn with ads. On Discord, all the action takes place on specific interest servers. And the company wants to make it easier for anyone to stumble upon and immerse themselves in these communities.

The company launched stage channels, its own clubhouse-style voice event venues, in late march. With those bases up for rent, in June, Discord will begin hosting events (think open-mic parties. Golf playback equipment, and many more). Through a new portal called stage discovery, adding a way for anyone to get involved. Connect with extraordinary communities in the process.

Discord product manager Rick Ling says Stage Channels has been a success so far. And the company has realized that events can be a gateway to introduce new users to the communities at their core platform.


Social gaming is rising, and online gaming is becoming the most popular these days. Moreover, these platforms are becoming vulgar with the use of inappropriate language. So, the roblox Discord-like discord link is considering providing a clean platform through specific checkpoints and monitoring of the users.